Cacao HK: Guilt-Free Chocolates

Cacao HK: Guilt-Free Chocolates
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Cacao HK: Guilt-Free Chocolates

Cacao is a family run business, deeply committed to taste, quality, environmental friendliness and ethical sourcing.

Why do our chocolates taste so good?

We grind high quality, single origin, Fino de Aroma cocoa nibs to make our own fresh, additive-free chocolate, then fashion it into individual chocolates. Because we use freshly-made chocolate you get to taste the full flavour of the chocolate, before some of the more volatile flavours dissipate.

We take the same care with the quality and provenance of the ingredients used for the fillings. For example our ginger ganache is made with ginger powder and candied ginger. To ensure the highest quality and the best taste we make both ourselves, from fresh young ginger. Young ginger has more taste, with less “heat”.

Why is our chocolate “guilt-free”?

To us, “guilt free” is not about calorie intake but about bigger issues. It means not supporting the exploitation of children, and minimizing environmental harm.

Most chocolate contains cocoa from West Africa, where child slave labour is commonly used on plantations. (When chocolate is labelled as coming from a non-tropical country, this refers to the country of processing not to the origin of the cocoa). Our cocoa comes from Columbia, from where there are no reports of child slave labour on cocoa plantations.

Where possible, we buy our ingredients in the country of origin to ensure profits stay in that country.

Cocoa farms can cause deforestation. Our supplier is committed to deforestation-free cocoa. We buy arenga sugar (production of arenga sugar promotes reforestation) from Masarang, an  NGO that focuses on conservation, helping to protect and re-grow the Indonesian rainforest (in fact we donate a portion of our sales proceeds to them) and our packaging is plastic-free, minimal and recyclable.

So you can just enjoy!

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