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Organic Fruit & Veg Delivery

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616 Farm
Organic farm in Yuen Long featuring organic produce delivery. They also offer vegetable picking, soap making classes, and tofu making classes.
Yuen Long
AuLaw Organic Farm
HKORC-Cert farm offering a range of organic produce.  You can place orders online or through their mobile app, which is available on their website.
Yuen Long
Auntie Lan’s Farm
HKORC-Cert organic farm in Tuen Mun.  The farm provides delivery service for produce orders and is also open for  self-pick.
Tuen Mun
Botree Ltd
Botree Ltd offers a delivery service for organic vegetables and fruits from a variety of local farms and farming associations including the Vegetable Marketing Organization (VMO). Contact them via email, phone or you can use their online order form from their website- however the website is mostly in Cantonese. They also have a retail shop where they sell a variety of health food products. 
Corner Block (formerly O2H)
Online and physical shop that stocks a variety of organic & health food & home care brands; also offers imported organic vegetables including kale and collard greens. One of the best selections of fresh organic fruits in Hong Kong. Also useful for people with dietary and allergy restrictions. Wholesale orders available.

出售一系列有機、健康食品及健康護理產品的網上商店和零售店,提供入口有機蔬菜如羽衣甘藍(kale和collard greens),亦是香港其中一個提供最優質新鮮有機水果的地方,亦適合有特別飲食習慣和注意食物敏感限制的人士。
Dragontail Farm
Local organic farm producing a range of vegetables and fruits; they also offer pre-prepped meal packs. Full menu on their website. Note: While their growing methods are organic, they are not certified. Order via email or phone; free deliveries within Mui Wo, delivery free for other areas. They also provide day tours, all week except Sunday.
Mui Wo
Eat Fresh
Local organic produce home delivery service: organic vegetables, including curly kale and fruits- the produce is mostly from local organic farms. You can pick and choose the items you want, or you can subscribe to a seasonal weekly box or juicing packs. Eat Fresh also has an e-commerce organic grocery section where they stock organic Ecocert eggs, Eco Tan personal care, Stephen James Organics, Pure Swell, Native Essentials and Choice Cooperative breads.

本地有機農產品送貨服務,包括有機蔬菜,如捲葉甘籃(curly kale)和水果,多數來自本地有機農場。可自行選擇產品,亦可訂購每星期一次的蔬菜盒或果汁包。同時出售有機Ecocert雞蛋、Eco Tan個人護理產品、Stephen James Organic、Pure Swell、Native Essentials和Choice Cooperative的產品。
Online only
EcoFarm offers organic delivery service of a selection of certified organic vegetables grown in Jiangxi province, China- a one day truck ride away. Jiangxi province, located atop mountains, is one of China's most pristine regions.


Sai Wan
Online shop featuring a selection of organic fruits and vegetables, including many local varieties. They also stock a variety of organic grocery and organic baby items such as pasta, rice, dried fruit, beverages, condiments, flaxseed oil and baby food in addition to chia seeds and local and hormone free Kinying pork as well as other seafood and meats. Store pickup and delivery options available. 
Sai Ying Pun
Evergreens Republic
USDA Organic certified farm offering a la carte and subscription organic vegetables, herbs and fruits. Evergreens Republic produce is grown using aquaponics in a greenhouse in the New Territories. Free delivery for subscription boxes. Order via their online shop.

Evergreens Republic是一個經USDA有機認證的農場,出售一系列有機蔬菜、香草和水果並提供訂購服務,所有農產品都是在位於新界的溫室種植,並採用「魚菜共生」(Aquaponics)種植法。提供訂購蔬果盒的送貨服務,可於其網上商店購買。
Lau Fau Shan
Farm Fresh 330
Farmfresh 330 is a social enterprise chain of health food shops run by New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (NLPRA) that stock a wide range of green home products and health foods including organic meat and poultry and organic pantry groceries. They also stock local & organic products made by NLPRA patients such as local certified organic fruits and vegetables, healthy snacks, dried organic herbs and O'Beans organic soy milk all under NLPRA's "Bright Buy" line. Order online through their e-shop or visit their retail outlets in Tai Han, Shatin and Tuen Mun.

Multiple locations: Tai Hang, Shatin, Tuen Mun
Fruitful Organic Farm
Organic farm located in Hong Kong offering organic produce delivery. The farm also offers guided tours, self-pick fruits and vegetables, and farming land rental. Certified organic by the Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre. 
Fruitful Organic Farm是經香港有機資源中心驗證的有機農場,提供有機產品送貨服務,亦提供導賞團、親身採摘蔬果體驗和農地租借服務。
Yuen Long
Green Little Frog
Organic produce delivery service with fruits and vegetables sourced in Thailand. They also provide organic coffee beans from Thailand.

Wan Chai
Green Vitamin
Locally grown organic curly kale, dinosaur kale and wheatgrass sourced from their own farms; they also do packaged raw dehydrated organic kale chips, frozen wheatgrass, kale and beetroot shots, coconut water kefir, lemongrass kefir, raw coconut yoghurt, coconut raw sweet cookies, paleo coconut wraps and much more. Products available at various retailers like Just Green, Culture Organics, i-Detox, SOL Wellness and Spicebox Organics.

出售來自本地自家農場的有機捲葉甘籃(curly kale)、dinosaur kale和小麥草,亦出售已經包裝的有機羽衣甘藍(kale chips)、冷凍小麥草、紅菜頭、椰子水牛奶酒、香茅牛奶酒、未熟椰子乳酪、未熟椰子曲奇、原始椰子卷等。於Just Green、Culture Organics、i-Detox、SOL Wellness和Spicebox Organics等零售店有售。
Sheung Wan
Hok Tau Potted Organic Vegetable
Weekly local organic vegetable delivery service. You can choose the varieties you want and order via email using the order form on their website. The minimum fee for delivery is HKD 350 and the minimum order per vegetable is one pound.
Fan Ling
Homegrown Foods
Online grocery with local organic fruits & vegetable home delivery service. Available as weekly selection baskets or can buy items individually. They also stock hormone and antibiotic free Wah Kee pork, homemade sausages, Hong Ning Dairy milk and  Il Casale artisanal sheep and goat cheeses from Tuscany. They also offer Ai-Funan soaps and Biolu organic personal care products.

Online only
Johnny’s Organic Farm
Specialty HK-ORC organic vegetable and fruit grower- will grow on demand if you have a special request. Offers unusual items like micro greens, edible flowers and zucchini flowers. Minimum order is HKD 300. Delivery to Central on a regular basis. Order via Facebook message, Whatsapp or phone.

Yuen Long
Juliens Organic
Delivery service for local organic fruits and vegetables directly from farmer Julien Ki- he emails you his weekly harvest list. Also on offer: local eggs (not free range but grown without hormones or antibiotics), local Longham and Osmanthus honey as well as a couple of other organic groceries like detergent and vinegar. Free delivery once a week for orders over HKD 500. No website- contact via phone, email or Facebook. 
由農夫Julien Ki提供的本地有機蔬果送貨服務,他會透過電郵通知每個星期的收作物列表,亦提供本地雞蛋,不含激素及抗生素,亦有出售各種雜貨如醋和蜂蜜。
Sai Kung
Li’s Organic Farm
HKORC-Cert farm offering delivery through MTR stations.  
Yuen Long
Nature’s Harvest
Nature's Harvest is a working organic farm with an organic vegetable delivery service.  Their online shop, at www.veggies.hk, carries organic and socially conscious teas, organic grocery items, and eco-friendly home cleaning supplies. In addition, they are open for visitors, can host group activities like DIY herbal teas and potted plants 101, provide organic farming workshops, and have a farmland rental program.
Sai Kung
O Fresh Club
Weekly organic vegetable and fruit delivery service and subscription plan- minimum order is HKD 180. Website mostly in Chinese. Sign up online or Whatsapp them. They also stock organic pantry items like organic Thai curry pastes and spices, organic juices and organic dried mushrooms.

Organic Express Unlimited
Online organic produce selection delivery from Malaysia.

South Stream Seafoods
Good selection of imported organic frozen fruits and vegetables, frozen organic meats, sausages, poultry (including turkeys), organic soups, organic dairy, organic sunscreen, organic baby food and green cleaning products- available by online order.

Yuen Long
Tasmania Fresh
Imported Tasmanian vegetable baskets, smoked salmon, cheese and wine- allegedly "better than" organic because of Tasmania's pristine natural environment- available by online order.

Online only
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