Zenda Green Energy

Zenda Green Energy is the company behind Z-B5, a locally produced eco-biodiesel made from recycled cooking oil from Hong Kong restaurants and approved for use in all diesel engines including junks, trucks, buses, ferries, motor boats, diesel cars, boilers and power generators. The company also has a superfood division, Zenda Life Foods, dedicated to creating sustainable supply chains for superfoods in Asia. Their first project involves the Peruvian sacha inchi seed.

Zenda Green Energy是Z-B5的幕後公司,由香港餐廰收集煮食油製成環保生物柴油,經認證可用於舢舨、貨車、巴士、輪船、摩打船、柴油車、鍋爐和發電機等的柴油引擎,公司同時營運superfood支部Zenda Life Foods,致力於亞洲提供可持續的superfood來源,他們首個計劃包括推廣秘魯印加果籽。

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