Bite Me Tonic

Bite Me Immune Booster is an all natural blend of rich Manuka honey, organic apple cider vinegar, ginger root, lime and lemon juice combined with cayenne pepper and turmeric. This all natural tonic is a family recipe which has passed down the generations and contains 100% organic ingredients. The natural healing properties found in each individual ingredient are further enhanced when combined together and can reduce the severity of coughs, fever and colds. It is well known that the combination of honey and ginger is unmatched by any other concoction for treating respiratory problems and Bite Me Immune Booster uses only the most purest of natural ingredients sourced from New Zealand. Furthermore, Manuka honey is an excellent medium for transmitting the benefits of herbs such as ginger to the body protecting against damage caused by bacteria. We have perfected our family elixir to share to the world Bite Me Immune Booster.

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