Sustainable Luxury Market the Focus for New Media and eCommerce Platform, ‘Ethos’

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Media industry veterans have come together to launch Ethos. The new media and e-commerce platform is the first of its kind to address the luxury market’s efforts on sustainability, wellness, and human rights.

Sustainable luxury

Ethos co-founder and CEO Jill Ettinger served as head of content for the vegan media platform LIVEKINDLY for more than three years before launching Ethos. Livekindly was acquired in 2020 by Foods United, an offshoot of Swiss investment group Blue Horizon, which rebranded Foods United to The Livekindly Collective following the acquisition. Ettinger took the media division to more than 100 million monthly cross-platform impressions and more than 50 million page views during her tenure with the brand.

But she saw a gap in the market.

“All of the sustainability content was geared toward younger markets and budget-friendly tips or fast-food burger options,” Ettinger, CEO and editorial director of Ethos, said in a statement. “No one was speaking to a more mature and financially stable audience,” she says.

Along with tech partners Josh Fishman of the We Creative Group, and the tech team at Riviera 4 Media, helmed by Robert Miner, the trio launched Ethos earlier this month.

“We realized we all had such a passion for sustainability, wellness, and justice issues,” Ettinger says. “But there were no sites talking about this in a meaningful way.” 

We realized we all had such a passion for sustainability, wellness, and justice issues. But there were no sites talking about this in a meaningful way.

-Jill Ettinger, CEO, Editorial Director of Ethos

The company went live this week with its digital platform that focuses on sustainable living across verticals in fashion, travel, wellness, and tech, among others.

Ethos is dedicated to highlighting personal and planetary sustainability and the companies working to address these issues. It’s also encouraging conversations about race, gender, and equity, as well as mental health and the transformative wellness industry, namely the use of psychedelics and plant medicine. The platform has also partnered with the Conspirituality Podcast team to explore the myths and conspiracy theories that permeate wellness culture.


In the coming months, Ethos will launch its e-commerce site, which promises to be unlike current commerce models.

“Our market research has identified a significant opportunity,” said Ettinger. “The luxury travel, auto, fashion, and wellness markets are worth nearly US$7 trillion combined. This is where the shift toward sustainability needs to happen. And it is; we’re seeing so many brands come to us with great stories to tell. They’re making some of the biggest strides in the industry. Companies like Bentley, Rolex, Cartier, and LVMH Group really are leading the charge to a better world.”

Riviera 4 Media and Fishman have brought the site to life with a stunning visual identity for the brand that matches its storytelling. “The story of sustainability is very much a visual one,” Ettinger says. “People want to be inspired, and we really felt like the platform needed to reflect this visually.”

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