#PlantPatties: The 40 Best Vegan Burgers In Asia

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Who doesn’t love burgers? No one, that’s who. But here at Green Queen, we’re partial to plant-based patties. We curated a list of the best vegan burgers in Asia, so you can eat your way across the region with fries and ketchup. Our list features every kind of plant-based burger you can think of, from vegan fried mock chicken to spicy child “crab”, wholesome lentil patties and of course, the many takes on Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. Some of these were voted on by our own-burger-loving team and others were crowdsourced by readers and on our social channels, so you can be sure every single juicy entry has been tried and tested for your taste-venience. So here goes, in no particular order, the 40 best vegan burgers in Asia!

1. Big Max – Burgreens (Jakarta)

Source: Burgreens

BurgreensBig Max will impress anyone with its double vegan chickpea and mung bean-based patties, homemade creamy sauce and wholewheat bun served with chips.

2. Grilled Beyond Burger – Confusion Kitchen (Hong Kong)

Source: Green Queen

Confusion Kitchen’s Grilled Beyond Burger is topped with a load of homemade goodness: house fermented sauerkraut, paprika ketchup, heirloom tomato dijon sauce and vegan garlic mayo, served with delicious tofu fries. 

3. A-Lamak Spicy Burger – NomVnom (Singapore)

Source: NomVnom

NomVnom serves 22 different types of plant-based burgers, but their A-Lamak spicy burger is a local Singaporean-Malay favourite made in-house from soy, potatoes, mixed veggies and mushrooms. 

4. Cheese Ripple Burger – Ain.Soph.Ripple (Tokyo)

Source: Ain.Soph

Loaded with sauce, avocado, vegan cheese and a side of fries, Ain.Soph.Ripple’s cheeseburger is decadent, delicious, and worth every penny. 

5. I Am Fabulous – VeggieSF (Hong Kong)

Source: VeggieSF

This was the Green Queen reader’s choice, with multiple entries calling VeggieSF’s I Am Fabulous burger a total winner. The patty is made from beetroot, cashews, lentils and mushroom and topped with sundried tomato mayo.

6. Fabelhafter Burger – HANS IM GLÜCK (Singapore)

Source: Gilman’s Girl

Out of HANS IM GLÜCK’s selection of burgers, readers picked the German-style Fabelhafter Burger as the best on the menu – it’s made with a plant-based wheat patty, topped with avocado cream, orange mustard, a secret house sauce and herby garden salad.

7. Vegan Booty – Vegan Booty Burger (Phuket)

Source: Vegan Booty Burger

Vegan Booty Burger’s classic self-named burger is a vegan version of the American-style beef burger, made with plant-based “cheez”, house sauce, pickles, tomato, lettuce, onion and a toasted bun.

8. Tundra Burger – Treehouse (Hong Kong)

Source: Treehouse

Hong Kong Soho’s slow fast food concept Treehouse serves an incredible whole food Tundra burger made from roasted pumpkin and grains, picked peppers and herb sauce – opt for the vegan cheese instead of halloumi!

9. Babylon – MANA! (Hong Kong)

Source: MANA!

MANA!‘s Babylon burger is delicious – it’s made with their own bean patty recipe with mushrooms, beetroot and tempeh, topped with in-house vegan garlicnaise and ketchup.

10. Open Veggie Burger – Cook & Book (Seoul)

Source: HappyCow

We hear that Cook & Book’s open-style burger (naked, without the bun) is worth hunting down for – the vegan patty is smothered in a deliciously creamy nut-based sauce made in-house, alongside roasted eggplant, baby tomatoes, broccoli and a bed of salad leaves. 

11. Spicy Chili Krab – VeganBurg (Singapore)

Source: VeganBurg

VeganBurg is a San Fran burger chain that landed in Singapore to huge fanfare, especially for their Spicy Chili Krab burger blended with local Asian flavours with a heaty kick. Their mushroom-based Creamy Shrooms burger is also a much-loved option for those who can’t quite handle the spice!

12. Western BBQ Vurger – Herbivore (Taipei)

Source: HappyCow

Taipei’s Herbivore restaurant is a well-known favourite in the plant-based community, and everyone loves their American-style BBQ burger, made with a homemade vegan patty, caramelised onions, vegan bacon and filled with a sweet and tangy housemade vegan mozzarella barbecue sauce. So good. 

13. Portobello Mushroom Burger – POP Vegan (Hong Kong)

Source: POP Vegan

POP Vegan’s Portobello Mushroom Burger, made with an in-house blend of white bean puree, has been called by several a “must-try” in Hong Kong. 

14. Vegan Burger – Mr. Farmer (Tokyo)

Source: Japan Kuru

The plant-based burger at Tokyo chain restaurant Mr. Farmer is made with a bean-based “steak” patty, topped with finely chopped cabbage, tomato, and vegan mayonnaise. Yum. 

15. Beyond Burger – Hemingway’s DB Bar & Grill (Hong Kong)

Source: Green Queen

Hemingway’s does a great take on the classic Beyond Burger, serving the plant-based patty with thick cut sweet potato fries and loaded with all your usual burger toppings. 

16. Pulled Oyster Mushroom Burger – Mottainai (Kaohsiung)

Source: I Travel For Vegan Food

Taiwanese city Kaohsiung’s Mottainai serves up an incredible plant-based whole food burger made with slow-cooked pulled oyster mushrooms, vegan homemade mayo and toasted bun.

17. Bean Burger – Veggie Table (Beijing)

Source: Happy Cow

Beijing’s vegetarian and vegan restaurant Veggie Table offers a delicious vegan bean burger patty with the classic veggie fillings served on a seeded bun with chunky home fries.

18. Impossible Chorizo Burger – Beef & Liberty (Hong Kong)

Source: Beef & Liberty

Beef & Liberty’s Impossible Chorizo Burger is whipped up with the famous bleeding patty from Impossible Foods, guacamole, vegan cheddar, pickled jalapenos, chilli, coriander and butter lettuce. 

19. Beet Millet Burger – Real Food (Singapore)

Source: FoodPanda Magazine

Real Food makes their own beet and millet patties with the obvious ingredients alongside a range of other veggies like carrots, onions and potatoes, and are served with two healthy sides of your choice. 

20. Smash Burger – The Diner (Hong Kong)

Source: The Diner

Another popular take on the plant-based Impossible Burger patty is The Diner’s Smash Burger, which is filled with homemade guac, lots of leaves and a fluffy sesame seed bun. 

21. Hempburger – RGB Cafe (Kuala Lumpur)

Source: TripAdvisor

RGB Cafe, which stands for “Rather Good Beans” does a mean vegan omega-3 packed burger made from hemp seeds, flax seeds, oats, lentils and carrots. It can be served with panini bread or “carbless” on a bed of leaves. 

22. The Falafel – 8Cuts (Manila)

Source: Happy Curious

Manila’s beloved burger chain 8Cuts does a great falafel burger, a patty made from a blend of chickpeas, quinoa, nuts and mushrooms. Reported that omnis love it more than the classic beef burger!

23. Quinoa & Beet Burger – Travel Yoga Cafe (New Delhi)

Source: HappyCow

Travel Yoga Cafe in New Delhi has created a delicious yet healthy burger with whole plant ingredients like quinoa, beetroot, pickles, lettuce leaves, on a wholemeal oat bun. 

24. Langka BBQ Burger – Pipino Vegetarian (Manila)

Source: Pipino Veg

Wholesome black bean burger topped with sweet jackfruit in peppery barbecue sauce and carrots at Pipino Veg. ‘Nuff said. 

25. Tartar Fish Monster Burger – Veganic To Go (Tokyo)

Source: Veganic To Go

The Tartar Fish Monster Burger by Tokyo’s Veganic To Go hits the spot for every customer who has tried it – it’s made with a GMO-free soy-based fishless-fish cutlet, organic lettuce and tomato, creamy vegan tartar sauce, all sandwiched in-between a homemade wholewheat, hemp, charcoal and flaxseed bun.

26. Chili Cheeseburger – Plant Cafe & Kitchen (Seoul)

Seoul’s Plant Cafe & Kitchen’s best-selling burger is the Chili Cheeseburger, made with a plant-based vegan patty, yubu and bean chilli sauce, cashew cheese sauce, romaine lettuce, fried onions and sriracha aioli. 

27. Beyond Deluxe Burger – Kind Kitchen (Hong Kong)

Kind Kitchen‘s Beyond Deluxe uses the famous Beyond patty and tops it with rocket leaves, sliced tomatoes, grilled mushrooms and a delicious black truffle sauce.

28. Himalayan Tofu Amaranth Burger – Greenr Cafe (New Delhi)

Source: Greenr Cafe

Visitors and residents of New Delhi keep going back to Greenr Cafe for their tofu amaranth patty burger, topped with caramelised onions, tomato concasse, mesclun greens, plant-based garlic mayo, raspberry cumin dressing and mixed bean salad – it comes with your choice of cassava or sweet potato fries too. 

29. Spicy Bean Burger – Filthy Vegan (Ho Chi Minh)

Source: HappyCow

Filthy Vegan does a wholesome Spicy Bean Burger homemade using mashed chickpeas, kidney beans and fresh chillies with grated carrots and cumin.

30. Green Giant Burger – Veggie Castle (Macau)

Source: Veggie Castle

Veggie Castle in Macau has created a Green Giant Burger with a tempeh-based patty, vegan cheese, olives, greens, homemade sauce on a fluffy green sesame seeded bun.

31. Broccoli & Quinoa Charcoal Burger – Broccoli Revolution (Bangkok)

Source: Broccoli Revolution

We’re obsessed with Broccoli Revolution’s burger made with broccoli (obviously), quinoa, smashed avocado and veggies on an Instagram worthy charcoal and sesame seed bun. 

32. Buddha Sliders – Little Erth by Nabz&G (Dubai)

Source: Little Erth

Little Erth by Nabz & G in Dubai make their own mini whole food plant-based burgers with quinoa, sweet potatoes and red kidney beans. So cute. 

33. 4 Mini Sliders – KALE (Hong Kong)

Source: KALE

More mini burgers, please! KALE does 4 different mini sliders, the TofuMania made with tofu and cashew cheese sauce on a charcoal bun, the chickpea-and-lentil-based Falafit layered with kale pesto and roasted tomatoes on a sesame bun, SexyBeet beetroot patty with guac and a sesame bun, and pulled BBQ jackfruit Black Jack slider on a kale and charcoal bun. 

34. Veganity Level Up Burger – Veganity (Dubai)

Source: Veganity

Veganity’s Level Up Burger is something else. Two vegan “beef” patties, sandwiching slices of plant-based cheddar cheese, the usual veggie toppings and their house special sauce cushioned on a pillow-like bun. 

35. Macarana Vegan Burger – Black House Burgers (Bali)

Source: Black House Burgers

The popular burger joint in Bali Black House Burgers does a vegan Macarana burger, made with their original sizzling vegan patty, plant-based cheese and mayo sauce, thinly chopped red cabbage on a charcoal bun. 

36. Portobello Burger – Pure & Whole (Shanghai)

Source: Pure & Whole

Pure & Whole’s portobello mushroom burger is delicious and healthy – made with roasted flat portobello, homemade green pepper preserve, spinach, tomato, fresh guac on a toasted wholemeal bun. 

37. Beyond Wu Tang Style Burger – Butcher’s Club (Hong Kong)

Source: Green Queen

The beloved burger chain Butcher’s Club vegan Beyond Wu Tang is a must-try. The Beyond Meat burger patty is topped with tempura sweet potato, JUST mung bean-based “egg” mayo, vegan kimchi, Daiya plant-based cheese and sriracha sauce on a vegan scotch bap. 

38. Classic Vegan Burger – Luna Blanca (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)

Source: Luna Blanca

Luna Blanca does a classic version of a vegan burger made out of a plant-based patty, a dollop of vegan house sauce, tomatoes, lettuce and is served with chunky fries.

39. Fried “Chicken” Burger – GoodDO (India)

Source: GoodDO

Indian vegan chain GoodDO does a proper fried plant-based “chicken” burger, made from their own brand of meatless chicken, house mayo and lettuce on a fluffy seeded bun. They have locations across multiple cities in India, so you can find the one nearest to you.

40. Veggie Churrasco Burger – Bacan Cafe (Vientiane, Laos)

Source: Bacan Cafe

Bacan Cafe serves a Latin-American inspired loaded avocado and veggies burger called the Veggie Churrasco Burger, which can be made vegan upon request to remove the mayo and swap for a homemade 100% plant-based bun.

Lead image courtesy of The Ultimate Green.


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