Corporations Are Embracing Sustainability Initiatives. This Vegan Program Makes It Even Easier.

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Back in 2018, Vegan Leaders, a platform that helps raise vegan social norms in the corporate world, unveiled the Corporate Initiatives Support Program (CISP) that encourages vegan employees to drive positive change in their place of work.

Vegan Leaders was set up back in 2014 by Darina Bockman in an effort to motivate vegan employees in the corporate world to develop positive impacts for the people and the planet. In order to achieve this, the platform developed a coaching program (CISP) that offers tools and resources for how these employees can bring global change in the corporate world, particularly the Fortune 500 companies.

The CISP pairs participants with a coach who gives them a nine-month detailed plan for those who want to create and put forward ideas in their organization.

Employers have always been concerned about wellness, diversity, and the 3 Ps – people, planet, and profits. Veganism serves all these categories and several companies have come forward to organize various plant-based-themed events and other similar initiatives.

Employers can reach out to Vegan Leaders who will conduct sustainability activities for the employees. Those who participate can earn points by completing various activities, and if they encourage others as well to join them, they earn extra points and thus stand a chance to win some fun rewards.

Below are a few examples of sustainability-related activities divided into categories, and each designed in a way that enables participants to have their own unique experiences and drive positive change.

Inspirational steps 

  • Cook or bake vegan dishes 
  • Read articles about the benefits of a plant-based diet 
  • Watch documentaries about climate change and other sustainability issues 

Social activities

  • Share photos of vegan dishes they ate
  • Order food from local vegan restaurants 
  • Buy locally grown, plastic-free vegetables

Altruistic journey

  • Donate their old fur or leather clothes to a local animal sanctuary
  • Give away their weekly takeaway coffee budget to a local non-profit
  • Learn about intersectional justice issues to reduce suffering on the planet 

Several initiatives have popped up to include and strengthen commitments in the corporate industry that are better for the people as well as the planet. For instance, back in October, Agtech startup Rooted unveiled a micro-learning platform in an effort to offer useful information from experts about urban farming, thus encouraging the corporate world to include this in its sustainability programs and educating employees on how to grow their own food at home.

Last year, more than 500 of the world’s biggest institutional investors unveiled Climate Action 100+, an initiative that called out the top corporate polluters of the world and demanded action from them in the form of setting climate targets and cleaning up their act so that the Paris Agreement goals can be met.

To read more about the Corporate Initiatives Support Program challenge and how you can get involved visit the website here.

Lead image courtesy of Vegan Leaders.

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