Top 10 Reasons LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics is a Great Green Brand

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There are so many cosmetic brands in the market but most of them are far from green. LUSH, with its focus on fresh products made with totally natural ingredients, took the beauty world by storm when they launched in 1995. Today LUSH has over 900 shops in 51 countries across the world. Below are the 10 reasons why  LUSH is one of the most eco-friendly brands out there!


1.  100% Handmade

LUSH products are100% handmade. Their belief is that happy people make happy soap. Stickers are added on all of their products showing the happy faces of people who made it! LUSH believe handmade is not only part of their name, but is also part of who they are.


2.     Absolutely NO Animal Testing

LUSH only buys ingredients from companies that do not commission tests on animals– human volunteers are used instead. They created the LUSH Prize to support animal-free testing by awarding money prizes totaling £250, 000, the biggest financial reward of its kind in the industry.


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3.      Vegetarian Ingredients Only

All  LUSH products are vegetarian and 83% of them are vegan! Further, 60% of everything they make contains at least one organic ingredient. With ingredients such as honey, yogurt and eggs,  LUSH work tirelessly to ensure that every ingredient they use is sourced exclusively from organic suppliers who are as staunch about their own cruelty-free practices as they are.


4.      Minimal Packaging

Half of LUSH products are sold without packaging- thanks to their innovative solid products like Shampoo Bars and Conditioners. When packaging cannot be totally eliminated, LUSH make sure they only use recycled, recyclable, reusable or compostable materials.


naked packaging-new


5.      Self-Preserving

More than 70% of the LUSH range is wholly self-preserving. This means they do not require toxic chemical preservatives. The company relies on natural preservatives such as clay, salt and honey to keep products fresh for as long as required. Most of their customers prefer to avoid synthetic preservatives, Lush have come up with an innovation to remove them from some of their products. As a result, these products are entirely free from preservatives and their shelf life are not reduced at all.


6.      Ethical Sourcing

 LUSH have their own Ethical Buying team that work tirelessly to source the right suppliers because they care about where their ingredients come from, how they’re made and how they affect their community of origin. They ensure sustainable practices as well as fair conditions for the workers are maintained.


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7.      Recycling Mania

LUSH pots and bottles are made from 100% post-consumer plastic. On top of that, they have innovative campaigns to engage their customers to be environmentally conscious such as the LUSH Plastic Recycling Campaign:  a free Fresh Face Mask is offered to those who return 5 clean empty black pots and bottles.


8.      Only The Freshest Will Do

The minute a fruit leaves the branch, nutrients start to lose their power. Fruits, flowers, herbs and vegetables are delivered as soon as they are picked to LUSH from local suppliers, and they start slicing, squeezing and mixing them into expertly-formulated recipes right there and then. This way, customers can experience their products exactly how they were intended: made fresh and making use of the ingredients’ natural powers.


freshest cosmetics


9.      Socially Conscious


When they expand by opening new shops or launching in new geographies, they employ more staff rather than rely on extra machinery. They stick to their core values: being dynamic, original and progressive and operate like a network of cooperatives rather than a large multinatonal. Their focus is on their employees and on quality products- not just the bottom line


10.  Charity Pot by LUSH

Charity Pot is a  LUSH initiative started in 2007 to raise money for animals rights,  human rights and the environment. 100% of the proceeds from the sales of Charity Pot go to supporting these causes. Globally, Charity Pot is now sold in 24 countries, including Hong Kong, and sales raised over £2, 500, 000 in 2013.


Find LUSH Hong Kong shop locations and opening hours here.


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