Trend Alert: Have You Heard Of Bone Broth? You Will.

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While you are sipping on your raw, cold-pressed green juice, a new liquid health food trend is brewing. Welcome to the world of bone broth. Get ready for it to take the green foodie world by storm this year. Green Queen gives you the lowdown on this nourishing tradition that is being brought back to life in kitchens everywhere.

At Green Queen, we love broth! Not a week goes by without us filling a huge dutch oven in our kitchen with steaming broth be it chicken, beef or lamb. We believe it has magical powers, making us feel stronger, healing our various ailments and soothing our soul with its warmth and umami goodness. Not to mention that broth is great for the waistline. It keeps you full and hydrated, which means you don’t eat crap or snack unnecessarily. We sip ours in coffee mugs throughout our work day, especially during these colder months.

Broth is Everywhere

We are not alone. For millennia, cultures from across the globe have made broth a part of their diet with hundreds of variations. Throughout Southeast Asia fish stocks are extremely popular, the backbone (sorry again!) of French cuisine is meat stock, Americans love their chicken soup, Africans give it to children for sustenance, the Cantonese eat a bowl as part of every meal and on and on. In the health world, bone broth is an important staple for Paleo followers, GAPS enthusiasts and adherents of the Weston Price philosophy of eating. Not to mention chefs everywhere use broth and stock as a base for soups, stews, braised dishes and more!

Bone Broth

Why Bone Broth Is So Good For You

Real broth has innards! you need the tendons and the skin and the marrow and the cartilage and the muscle and all that jazz- it’s where all the minerals and nutrients are from gelatin (which your body turns to collagen) to essential amino acids (like glycine which your body needs for red blood cell production) to healthy fats (like Omega-3 Fatty Acids AKA brain food) to calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and about a dozen other vital minerals.

What about stock cubes? No dice (sorry, couldn’t resist!). Forget the store bought stuff. It’s packed with preservatives and starch fillers and thickeners and sugars and all sorts of strange, unpronounceable ingredients. Make your own broth (or buy a homemade version).

Bone Broth Mason Jars

Broth Versus Stock

While some use the terms interchangeably, the main difference is the ratio of meat to bone. Stock is more about the bones itself whilst broth tends to involve a lot more flesh. From a more technical point of view, a stock has more concentrated flavours due to the roasting of the bones beforehand whereas broth is the liquid that results from simmering meat and vegetables in water. Bouillon, a more old fashioned term, is basically synonymous with broth and consomme is a clarified version of stock.

Try our Bone Broth Recipe Secrets where we tell you how to make your own at home! Don’t worry, it’s easy!

Where To Buy Grass Fed Beef Bones In Hong Kong

  • Bones & Blades: they have frozen organic and grass fed-beef bones from Australia and freshly prepared beef broth that they make onsite, visit the shop.
  • Gonzalo Kosher Meats: they have frozen organic and grass-fed marrow bones from Uruguay, order online.
  • Feather & Bone: they have frozen grass-fed marrow bones from Australia, order online.
  • Harvey Nichols in Central and Avammaya online stock Nutraorganics organic powdered bone broth.

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