Green Queen Ayurveda Series Part 2: Top 5 Ayurvedic Longevity Tips

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1. Know thy dosha 

You don’t have to become an expert but understanding your dosha – (your Ayurvedic mind-body constitution) is akin to understanding your own mind-body blueprint. If nothing else, it will equip you with better information about yourself for your next conversation with your doctor or healthcare provider. Find out  what your dominant dosha in Part 3 of this series next week.  

2. Get your Zzzs

The body’s cells and tissues regenerate during sleep so getting your rest is as vital as exercising and nutrition.

3. Drink plenty of water all year round

This is one thing that all of us just don’t do enough. Hydration is vital to all your body functions and every cell in your body needs water to do its job well. You need to drink as many glasses of water as the hours you are awake in a day.

4. Don’t overeat

For most of us, our eyes are bigger than our stomach. Your stomach is designed to digest one anjali (i.e. two handfuls) of food in any one given meal. So don’t stress it by eating more than it can fit. It’s far better to eat again a little later, once your meal has been digested.

5. Make abhyanga a habit

Ayurveda has given us a wonderful legacy of abhyanga — oil application, which helps us detox and strengthen our immune system. Don’t shun the practice of oil and abhyanga in favour of creams, cosmetics and chemicals created in a lab. Get into the habit of having a regular abhyanga massage treatment with natural, unprocessed herbal oils. And if you cannot then learn the technique of self abhyanga. You’ll be doing your skin and your immune system a huge favour.


In the final part of our exclusive Ayurveda series, Reenita will introduce the three doshas, or mind-body systems of Ayurveda. Find out which one you are next week! Make sure to read Part 1: An Introduction to Ayurveda if you haven’t already.  


About the Author

Reenita Malhotra Hora is an Ayurveda Clinician and broadcast journalist with RTHK Radio 3 Reenita is the author of Forever Young – Unleashing the Magic of Ayurveda, published by Pan Macmillan India; Inner Beauty, published by Chronicle Books; and Ayurveda, The Ancient Medicine of India, published by Mandala press.  Having founded, built and subsequently sold Ayoma,  an Ayurvedic self care product line and the Ayoma LifeSpa, a premier Ayurvedic wellness spa, she has provided Ayurvedic spa therapy training to top spa wellness retreats like the Four Seasons, Champneys, the Canyon Ranch,  and Miraval and has taught clinical and CME programs to health care practitioners at the University of California San Francisco, University of California at Davis and University of North Carolina’s Global Medical Education center,  and yoga teachers through Los Angeles based Yoga Life.  


Meet Reenita at Made in HK Local Artisans Pop Up  

Reenita is hosting a customized Ayurvedic Beauty Bar in our Green Queen Living section on the Ground Floor of The Space (210 Hollywood Road) where she will be mixing bespoke ubtans, which are Ayurvedic cleansing scrubs. This involves a brief consultation with her where she will analyze you and determine your Ayurvedic dosha (mind-body type); she will then blend an ubtan specially suited for your needs and the current climate for you to take home and purify yourself with. Don’t miss out! She will also have copies of her bestselling book Forever Young – Unleashing the Magic of Ayurveda. 



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