John Hardy: The World’s Most Ethical Designer Jewellery Brand

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Gift season is upon us and who doesn’t love a little bit of sparkle at Christmas time. We certainly love finding a new piece of jewellery in our stocking! That being said, it’s hard to justify jewellery these days. From blood diamonds to warlord gold to conflict stones, jewellery’s developed a bit of a dirty name in the past couple of decades. As end consumers, it can be incredibly difficult to ascertain whether what you are buying is ethically sourced/made, hence the importance of choosing the right brand.

Enter John Hardy, a company that puts the ethical in ethical jewellery. We are beyond impressed with the dedication this brand has shown with regards to incorporating green corporate practises and committing to being socially responsible in almost every facet of their operations. Below we share 10 reasons why John Hardy may be the world’s most ethical jewellery company. So go ahead, pick your favourite holiday bauble from their beautiful selection and save your guilt for that second helping of pie!

1. Greener Every Day

John Hardy’s slogan “Greener Every Day” is a globally proclaimed expression of the company’s commitment to sustainability. It illustrates their constant search for  eco-conscious and that a commitment to the environment is central to their entire business model.

2. Becoming Carbon Neutral

They plant bamboo to offset part of their travel and advertising- in fact, through their “Wear Bamboo Plant Bamboo” campaign they have planted more than a million bamboo seedlings.

3. Green Gift Packaging

There’s no two ways about it: packaging is incredibly wasteful. Especially when it comes to Christmas. How many times do you save the boxes and wrapping after gift opening is over? John Hardy makes it a priority to offer all clients a more eco-friendly packaging option. Make sure to select it!
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4. Strict Ethical Standards

Their code of conduct outlines their commitment to ethical labor practices, which all business partners must commit to. Requirements revolve around 15 different standards that aim to address many of the issues that plague the jewellery industry including child labour, forced labour, gender and racial equality, workplace safety, collective bargaining rights, the financing of terrorism, and the ethical sourcing of gold and gemstones. If only all jewellery companies would adopt what should be global standards for human rights and ethical business, the world would be a far better place.

5. Organic Farming

Next time you are in Bali, you can actually visit the place where the magic happens: their workshop and showroom in Ubud is made from low-impact, locally-sourced materials and they have an organic farm where they grow food for the staff, which is then cooked up and served in their big open kitchen. Talk about a community affair.

6. Keeping It Local

John Hardy is headquartered in Hong Kong: since 2007, the company has had their main office here. Ok, this one’s a bit of a stretch but it is great to support a local business whose production is Asia-based. In addition to an their e-commerce site, they have shops in Causeway Bay, Central and TST, find the locations here. In addition, the offices use eco-friendly materials and they have energy auditing in place, as well as a dedicated commitment to recycling.

7. Recycled Silver

As of 2012, 100% of the silver in their pieces is reclaimed and recycled! They even use a process called “electro winning” that refines the metal without the use of harmful chemicals (as per traditional methods).
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8. Committed Craftsmanship

John Hardy was born from the founder’s passion for Bali’s traditional jewellery making techniques. Today, there the focus on artistry and craftsmanship remains as strong as when the brand first started, and many of the pieces are created or finished by hand, helping to preserve the cultural traditions of Bali’s royal courts, many of which are slowly disappearing.

9. Waste Not, Want Not

Ever had to throw out an earring because you lost its mate? Or had a bracelet that broke? John Hardy offers clients a no-questions-asked repair service in order to minimize the impulse to just buying something new.

10. Charitable Giving

In addition to their frequent campaigns including “Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo, ” John Hardy also supports are large number of local and international charities that focus on a variety of social, economic and environmental issues. These important organisations include St James Settlement, Child Welfare Scheme (CWS), Redress, WWF and many many more.


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Photo credits: John Hardy.


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