Purezza: U.K.’S First Vegan Pizzeria Chain Expands To Manchester

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Award-winning 100% plant-based and gluten-free pizza restaurant Purezza announced its plans to open its 6th branch in Manchester’s Northern Quarter in May 2021.

Purezza has existing branches around the U.K. including Bristol, Brixton, Hove, London and Camden with its new branch opening in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

The pizzeria offers its guests plant-based versions of the classic Neapolitan-style pizzas with its homemade plant-based mozzarella cheese, whole grain sourdough, and organic ingredients. One of the highlights in the menu is the unique award-winning pizza Parmigiana Party that is served with aubergine parmigiana and vegan sausages.

It also has a gluten-free menu and a drinks menu that features cocktails, organic beers, and wines. All these offerings and can be ordered through the country’s local delivery services.

Source: Purezza

Purezza has won several accolades in the past including Vegan Restaurant of the Year 2020, World Pizza Championships in 2019, and National Pizza of the Year in 2018.

Apart from the food being planet-friendly, the restaurant has upcycled furniture and is painted with eco-friendly and organic colours.

In a press release seen by Green Queen, co-founder and co-owner of Purezza, Tim Barclay said that Manchester was on their expansion strategy for years. “We’ve had more requests to open in Manchester than any other city in the U.K., and it’s truly a pleasure to honour those requests and to finally make it happen. We’re really excited about this, and we can’t wait to welcome you through our doors.”

Purezza’s upcoming Manchester branch. Source: Purezza

We’ve had more requests to open in Manchester than any other city in the U.K., and it’s truly a pleasure to honour those requests and to finally make it happen

Tim Barclay, co-founder and co-owner of Purezza

Going forward, Purezza has built a factory in Brighton & Hove to supply its homemade vegan cheese as well as pizzas to retails stores.

To encourage plant-based eating among U.K. consumers, back in January of last year, Purezza unveiled its first recipe book.

Plant-based pizza is having a moment around the world with several companies opening up and responding to the increasing demand from sustainable consumers. For instance, vegan frozen pizza startup, One Planet Pizza received £360,000 (US$490,000) to expand its pizza offerings across the country and enter the Scandinavian market.

Elsewhere, Singapore-based Sunny Slices became the city’s first-ever 100% vegan pizza concept that offers consumers cruelty-free pizzas inspired by international cusinines. Even major pizza giants like Pizza Hut have entered this market by rolling its plant-based meat pizzas featuring Beyond Meat’s ingredients, across 7,000 Stores in the U.S.

Apart from serving plant-based pizzas, regular pizzerias are doing their bit in other ways, for instance, in the Philippines, The BrickOven Café now serves its pizzas in reusable boxes that are handwoven and created out of pandan leaves making them biodegradable.

Lead image courtesy of Purezza.


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