18 Screen-Free Indoor Activities To Do During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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Over one third of the planet is now on lockdown, and health authorities around the world have made it clear that it is important for us to practice social distancing and stay at home as much as possible to help flatten the curve of the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. And many of us have resorted to staring at screens: phones, laptops, TVs and all the other electronic devices we have. While it is amazing how digital technology has transformed our ability to stay connected even remotely, it is important that we do take a break from screen time as well. If you’re wondering what else you could be doing during the pandemic, here are 10 indoor activities that you can do with zero screen necessary. 

1. Tidy up 

Start cleaning and organising every bit of your home! 

2. Write a letter

When’s the last time you wrote snail mail to a friend or family member? 

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3. Go to sleep earlier 

Now’s the time to catch up on some Zs if you haven’t already. 

4. Cook 

Spend some time cooking your favourite dishes or get creative with an improvised recipe! 

5. Start a journal

Remember the joys of keeping a diary?

6. Sing

Sing – while you’re in the shower, cooking, cleaning, exercising. Belt out some tunes. 

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7. Repair your old clothes 

A hole in your favourite shirt? Or is it missing a button? Time to fix them up. 

8. Get crafty

Pick up some arts and crafts – painting, colouring, sculpting, collaging. The list is endless. 

9. Play some board games

Time to wipe off the dust on your old collection of board games and have some fun. If you don’t have any, see if you have a pack of cards lying around. 

10. Go through old cards

If you have a stash of old cards or photos, get that box out and start reliving old memories. 

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11. Yoga 

Practice some yoga or other indoor exercise at home. 

12. Call a family or friend

No, not texting, emailing or video-calling. A classic phone call – no screens, voices only. 

13. Listen to the radio

Or the modern version of the radio – a podcast. Put it on speakers and enjoy. 

14. Plant an indoor herb garden

It’ll be perfect for all the home-cooking you’re doing during the pandemic! 

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15. Make origami 

Recycle the old scraps of paper you have lying at home and fold some origami. 

16. Learn to juggle

Now is the time to acquire a new skill. 

17. Practice an old skill 

Now is also the time to brush up on a forgotten skill – piano, knitting, cartwheels – you name it. 

18. Make a list of all the things you wish you could do

So you won’t have to search online for things to do ever again after the coronavirus pandemic is over. 

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