Hoshay Food Launches Minimally-Processed Plant-Based Meals For The Singaporean Palate

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Singapore’s Hoshay Food has released a line of plant-based ready meals designed to cater to local tastes. Crispy fried chicken and freshwater eel alternatives are included in the range which is claimed to be sustainable and health-focused. 

All ingredients in the new Hoshay line are natural and minimally processed, with tofu and shitake mushrooms taking the place of conventional meats. The launch coincided with Earth Day, to underscore the environmental significance of the recipes.

Hoshay Singapore

Singapore’s groundbreaking acceptance of alternative protein

It’s no secret that Singapore is ahead of the game when it comes to alternative proteins. Still the only country globally to have approved cultivated meat for consumer sale, there is a tangible acceptance of innovative food. 

A recent study conducted by Singapore Management University demonstrated that citizens are more accepting of cultivated meat than their U.S. counterparts. Results showed a Singaporean tendency to want to be first to try new trends, which extends to meat alternatives. Plant-based or cultivated, both are being inducted into everyday food vernacular. the importance of this should not be underestimated, given that Singapore consumers, eat approximately 88 kilograms of meat each, per year. switching to less impactful alternatives will make a significant contribution to Singapore’s net-zero ambitions.

Domestic food innovations represent an important part of Singapore’s acceptance of alternative proteins. The country’s ‘30 by 30’ initiative seeks to bring 30 percent of food production back within the country by 2030. A sustainability endeavour underpinned by food security concerns, it creates an appetite for locally produced plant and cultivated proteins. Alongside, it puts fire in the bellies of companies such as Hoshay. 

Hoshay seeks to bring more plant-based options to Singapore 

Citing research that highlights the environmental impact of meat production, Hoshay is driven by the desire to replace meat in the food system. It recognises that a widespread transformation of existing dietary habits is essential for survival. This, together with more than 26 years of food manufacturing expertise paved the way for the new range of plant-based meals.

“More ethical, more sustainable and more options, that is what our latest food series is all about,” Chris Ooi, CEO of Hoshay said in a statement. “We have always been passionate about creating tasty meat alternatives to better our health, the environment and animal welfare, while expanding consumers’ choices. As such our latest three series of plant-based products are specially developed to satisfy taste buds and at the same time be responsible for our increased consumption.” 

Hoshay works to the principle that accessible foods representing an array of cuisine choices can lead to easy dietary changes. As such, it already produces western-inspired snacks and has partnered with popular restaurants to roll out its new line.

Jollibean Vegan, The Rebel Company Café & Bar, Fitthree, Tonichi Tsukemen and Southwest Punggol are confirmed as restaurant partners.

Non-domestic companies are seeking to leverage Singapore’s acceptance

Last month, Indonesia’s plant-based meat leader, Green Rebel, launched into Singapore. Beef, chicken and pork analogues were made available through multiple restaurant partnerships. The brand prides itself on being ‘made for Asians, by Asians’. This translates to a range of foods that are adept at mimicking traditional dishes, down to their textures. 

California’s Eat Just cemented its relationship with Singapore, in March, by breaking ground on an enormous production facility in the Pioneer area. To date, Eat’s GOOD Meat brand is the only manufacturer granted permission to sell cultivated meat products in the country. Now, with a new $120 million plant being built, it is banking on producing thousands of tonnes of cultivated chicken, alongside its mung bean whole egg substitutes. Products will be distributed locally and exported internationally.

All photos by Hoshay Food.


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