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Brand new healthy meal delivery Mealthy is obsessed with getting you results. Everything they do revolves around making sure their clients get lean and strong. Their motto is results, results, results! In Hong Kong, it’s hard enough to find time to get a workout in during our busy weeks, Forget relying on inaccurate measurements, or worrying about ingredient labels or complicated grocery lists… Just sit back, relax and let Mealthy do all the work whilst you focus on work, family, friends and working out!

brown rice and vegetables

Mealthy’s Mission

Mealthy is a healthy meal delivery service with a mission to help busy Hong Kongers get lean. As many of us know, while exercise is an important part of a healthy life, what you eat plays a very large role in determining your body composition. The company has two schemes: the Swallow and the Eagle. On the moderate Swallow scheme, each meal, or box as they call it, is around 400 calories, which is an ideal option for those looking to get lean- they all but guarantee you will lose fat on this plan. The extra-portion Eagle scheme offers meals that are around 600 calories, which is perfect for heavy gym-goers who regularly strength-train. You can choose to have 2 meals a day or 4 meals a day on both plans, depending on how hungry you are or how much fuel your lifestyle requires.

Mealthy is extremely passionate about their meals’ nutrition profile: every dish is perfectly macro-calibrated. Their promise? Approximately 50 grams of protein on the Eagle plan and 40 grams on the Swallow plan per meal. All the meals are low in fat and sugar. The focus is undeniably on protein, which if you keep up with your fitness news, is absolutely key when it comes to sculpting a healthy form.

fish and brocolli

Flexible Preparation

As we mentioned above, another awesome feature about Mealthy is that they deliver all the meals to you in frozen form, twice a week and prepared fresh to order. Not only is this better from a nutritional standpoint, as flash freezing preserves the nutrients in the food, it is also safer as the food is not likely to get contaminated. The frozen boxes also means that you can cook them according to your own schedule. No need to wait around for deliveries, no need to worry about wasting a meal because a lunch meeting came up at the office or it’s your best friend’s birthday on Friday night- just eat whenever works best for you. You can bring your lunch to the office from home, you can switch the dishes around if you are craving chicken over fish for example, it’s all up to you! You can even keep a couple of boxes for the weekend if you prefer. Mealthy is the ultimate in meal planning flexibility.

And did we mention that Mealthy will come to you anywhere? The company covers a large delivery area. On top of Hong Kong Island, they can deliver to most of Kowloon as well as Tseung Kwan O and Shatin in the New Territories.

fish skewers

What’s On The Menu

We tried the Pan-fried Pollock Fillets with Sweet Potato Mash & Steamed Broccoli, the Grilled Salmon Skewers with Sweet Corn & Steamed Carrots, the Stir Fry Mince Beef with Steamed Broccoli & Mixed Rice and the Grilled Chicken with Sweet Potato Mash & Sauteed Mixed Vegetables. Everything was simple and delicious: Mealthy‘s in-house dietician plans all the meals carefully with their team of chefs, and has helped them make choices like using extra virgin olive oil and sea salt, and steaming the vegetables to save as many nutrients as possible.

chicken and vegetables

Eco Packaging

This is one of our favourite Mealthy features. Not everyone likes microwaves, despite it being a standard feature in Hong Kong kitchens. We try to use ours, well almost never. So we were thrilled to discover that while Mealthy does have regular plastic boxes (that they are happy to collect and recycle for you), you can also reduce your packaging consumption and stay clear of the effects of microwaving by choosing the vacuum sealed packaging. You can then prepare your meals by steaming or boiling. The meals come in box cartons made from recycled paperboard that they will also happily collect from you and re-use when possible.

mealthy before and after

In the pipeline: in an effort to provide an even more convenient service, Mealthy is working on collaborating with fitness studios to add pickup points. Stay tuned for their upcoming partnerships with gyms around town!

Mealthy boxes start at HKD 1, 600 for 2 weeks worth of meals. Email them at or Whatsapp them at +852 9565 7765 to get more information. Use promo code GREENQUEEN and enjoy 5% off all orders!

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Lead image courtesy of Mealthy. All images courtesy of Green Queen.

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