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About The Series

Hosted by Regina Larko, Host & Producer of #impact Podcast and Sonalie Figueiras, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Green Queen, A Zero Waste Journey LIVE On Air is a brand new audio-interview series about the Zero Waste movement in Hong Kong. Join us for in-depth journalistic interviews with activists, entrepreneurs, government officials and NGO leaders in the Zero Waste movement that is sweeping Hong Kong and the world as we discuss topics like plastic pollution, recycling, fashion waste, paper waster, food waste, waste regulations, zero waste & plastic-free living and more.

About The Series Hosts

Regina Larko, Founder, Host & Producer of Hashtagimpact 

#impact Podcast launched on iTunes in spring 2017 and ranks in the the Top 20 iTunes Hong Kong Career Podcast Charts (Jan. 2018). Working in social impact with NGOs and The Economist Events before launching #impact Podcast, Regina is proud to team up with Sonalie to bring inspirational zero waste stories & issues LIVE to an online audience all over the globe.

Sonalie Figueiras, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Green Queen, Founder & CEO of Ekowarehouse

With over a decade of experience in publishing, SEO, digital marketing, organic trade and health journalism, she is a wellness industry veteran with a keen eye for market trends and a regular on the speaking circuit. When she is not working, Sonalie is usually dreaming up new recipes in the kitchen for her family. Sonalie has made a renewed commitment to raise awareness on our global and local waste problem via her media platform Green Queen and is looking forward to showcasing in-depth conversations with experts & industry leaders to a global audience.

We are grateful for this amazing sponsor who provide our recording location space: Garage Academy is Garage Society‘s platform to showcase & support the startup ecosystem in Hong Kong. From fireside chats, to panels, tech talks, workshops & more, join us and get plugged into the community.











Episode 1 Plastic vs Oceans – Why You Should Care

Topics we will cover include:
  • Marine pollution overview globally
  • How serious is the problem in Hong Kong
  • What plastic does to marine life
  • The HK Government’s response to plastic pollution
  • The importance of activism
  • What can consumers do to effect real change?

Episode 1 Panelists

Dana Winograd, Director-Operations, Plastic Free Seas

Dana Winograd is the Director-Operations of Plastic Free Seas (PFS), a registered Hong Kong charity focusing on the issue of plastic marine pollution, having joined shortly after its inception in 2013. She has lived in HK for over 20 years and first got involved with environmental issues in 2007 when she helped drive recycling in Discovery Bay where she lives. Seeing that it would take more than recycling to help solve the problem of plastic marine pollution, Dana joined PFS to help promote change in people’s use of plastic through education and action and has delivered talks on waste reduction and personal behaviour change to students from kindergarten through to university as well as to adults within the corporate program.Plastic Free Seas has reached over 29,000 students in more than 110 schools through in-class, beach and sea programmes.

Samantha Lee, Manager, Oceans Conservation, WWF

Samantha Lee joined WWF in 2010 as a Senior Marine Conservation Officer. She has led local marine conservation programmes on Chinese white dolphin conservation, sustainable fisheries management, marine protected areas and marine litter and is WWF’s spokesperson for marine-related development work. She holds an M.Phil degree in Biology and is one of Hong Kong’s foremost soft coral and gorgonian experts.

Gary Stokes, South East Asia Director, Sea Shepherd Global

Gary Stokes is the Asia Director for Sea Shepherd Global. Based in Hong Kong, his main focus over the past 10 years has been on documenting, investigating and exposing the shark fin trade. Working with Sea Shepherd to raise awareness and effect change by directly challenging laws and the agencies that are supposed to protect species, but are failing to do so. He is also the founder of Hemingway’s DB, a seaside restaurant & bar in Discovery Bay with a fully vegan menu.