Fermy: Landish Foods, Every Co Debut Coffee & Matcha Mixes with Animal-Free Egg White Protein

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Canadian vegan wellness company Landish Foods has partnered with animal-free egg protein startup The Every Company to launch a new line of beverage mixes.

Landish Foods and The Every Co have unveiled a new line of ready-to-mix protein powders for coffee and matcha drinks, using the latter’s animal-free egg white protein.

Launched under the brand Fermy, the Protein Coffee Enhancer and Protein Matcha Latte make use of The Every Co’s precision fermentation technology to boost the protein content of these morning staples in a planet- and animal-friendly manner.

The beverage mixes contain 8g of protein, all nine essential amino acids, and no sugar. They’re also fortified with adaptogens: the matcha powder has lion’s mane mushrooms, while the coffee variant has the mushrooms as well as coconut MCT powder.

“Our collaboration with Landish is a game-changer for protein lovers nationwide,” said Lance Lively, VP of growth at The Every Co. “Fermy’s ready-to-mix powders seamlessly integrate into coffee and other beverages, making it easier than ever for busy consumers to meet their protein goals without disrupting their morning routines.”

Joining the coffee-wellness love affair

protein coffee
Courtesy: Fermy

Wellness and coffee are becoming increasingly intertwined. According to Nielsen IQ, 46% of consumers identified physical or mental wellness as one of their top priorities in 2023. And since coffee has a number of positive effects on energy levels, cognitive function, and certain disease risks, the research firm suggests that this wellness focus has led to higher coffee consumption, particularly among the health-conscious.

At-home coffee consumption spiked during the pandemic, and the trend has sustained even after the world returned to normal. People had already been getting into bulletproof coffee – where you blended coffee with butter and MCT oil as a keto drink – and as health became more and more front of mind, the world of functional mushrooms took hold of the coffee world.

Coffee is now being seen as a vehicle of nutrition by many consumers, which has birthed the movement proffee (a portmanteau of protein and coffee) on the likes of TikTok. US drive-through chain Dutch Bros has already jumped on this trend, rolling out four flavours of protein-packed lattes this year.

That has inspired the collaboration between The Every Co and Landish, according to Lively. “Coffee is the perfect vehicle for Every’s ultra-clean-tasting protein. Coffee is a vital part of many people’s daily rituals… [and] commonly consumed in the morning, which is a time of day that is often rushed,” he told FoodNavigator.

In the US, 37% more people are drinking coffee daily now than they were 20 years ago. “A convenient boost of protein in the morning is exactly what is needed to start the day off right, especially when people do not have time to prepare a full protein-rich meal,” he added.

Every EggWhite ‘superior’ than plant proteins

every egg white
Courtesy: Fermy

The Every Co, which was founded in 2014 by CEO Arturo Elizondo and David Anchel, makes three bioidentical chicken-free versions of egg proteins via precision fermentation.

It does so by genetically engineering yeast strains called Komagataella phaffii and feeding them on sugars to produce proteins found in eggs. Its precision-fermented EggWhite contains ovalbumin – the most abundant egg protein – and can provide aeration, whipping, gelling, binding, and foam stability properties to food and drink formulations.

For the purposes of Fermy, the animal-free egg white is easy to digest (with no bloating effects), is much more sustainable than conventional eggs, and has a clean, neutral flavour. “So many of us with rushed mornings are not getting enough protein to start the day, especially quality protein,” said Landish Foods CEO Daniel Novak.

“Plant proteins don’t provide a good taste or texture in beverages like coffee or matcha,” he said. “Our new line of Fermy products supports our customers’ health-first lifestyles by providing a functional, protein-dense beverage that’s superior in flavour and texture, while also being sustainably produced.”

It’s worth noting that while the Protein Coffee Enhancer and Protein Matcha Latte are certified vegan – since they contain no animal inputs – they are not suitable for people with egg allergies, since the Every EggWhite is a “nature-equivalent” protein to chicken eggs.

The Every Co is actively producing two other products: Every Protein, a nearly transparent protein bioidentical to glycoprotein (found in egg whites) for neutral and clear-looking foods and beverages; and Every Egg, a whole egg that contains the EggWhite, plant-based oils, natural colours and flavourings, fibre and water.

This is not the company’s first beverage collaboration – the precision-fermented egg white has previously been part of a smoothie by Pressed Juicery and protein-boosted canned cocktails by Pulp Culture. The Every EggWhite is also being used in food formulations, with the startup having struck deals with Colombia’s Grupo Nutresa and Unilever-owned The Vegetarian Butcher enlisting the protein for use in plant-based meat products.


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