The World’s First Animal-Free Egg White Protein Smoothie Has Arrived

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The world’s first smoothie containing animal-free egg white protein has arrived. Launched by California juice brand Pressed, the new Pineapple Greens Protein smoothie features The Every Company’s bioidentical egg white protein made without chickens and sustainably produced using precision fermentation technology. 

Pressed has just added a new smoothie to its range, and it’s like no other it has released before. It contains animal-free egg white protein, making the smoothie the world’s first to contain bioidentical animal protein produced using precision fermentation. The egg white protein has been developed by The Every Company, formerly known as Clara Foods.

World’s first animal-free egg smoothie

The Pineapple Greens Protein smoothie, which will be served for a limited time at Pressed locations in Los Angeles and New York, features The Every Company’s nature-equivalent animal-free soluble protein. 

Using precision fermentation, Every makes its protein without the need to farm chickens, and is able to tailor the ingredient to make it “nearly invisible”—meaning it has no aftertaste and no gritty texture, unlike many protein powders on the market. 

This means that producers don’t have to use any masking agents, added sugars or artificial sweeteners to counteract the taste qualities of the protein, yet another bonus to the list of environmental and ethical advantages of Every’s precision fermentation-made protein ingredients.

Pressed blends Every’s nature-equivalent egg protein with apple, pineapple, banana, spinach and avocado. Each bottle of Pineapple Greens Protein contains 10 grams of animal-free protein, has no added sugar, and boasts 40% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin C. 

Because the product does contain bioidentical egg white protein, it is not suitable for those with egg allergies, but is considered vegan as no animal ingredients or byproducts are used in the entire production process. 

Bringing more animal-free protein smoothies to consumers

At the moment, the new offering is running for a limited time period for $7.95 in select locations in the US, but Pressed says that it plans to expand its animal-free smoothie availability soon.

“Pressed is dedicated to making the most innovative, plant-forward offerings accessible to our customers,” said Pressed CEO Pawan Kalra, who added that all its outlets will begin serving the Pineapple Greens Protein smoothie by next year. 

For The Every Company co-founder and CEO Arturo Elizondo, the launch of the smoothie marks a turning point for the startup. “Our vision at EVERY has always been to make truly uncompromised products, and we’re excited to take the next step towards realizing that vision. Today is the first time consumers anywhere in the world will be able to taste the magic of what the future of food can be: kind, clean, and delicious.”

“We’re honored to partner with Pressed to offer the world’s first animal-equivalent protein beverage made without using a single animal, available in the market,” Elizondo added. 

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The Every Company’s animal-free ingredients

The latest news comes just a month after Every rebranded from Clara Foods and debuted its first real egg protein product, dubbed the EVERY ClearEgg, after seven years in the making. 

But egg protein isn’t the only ingredient that the startup is focused on tackling. Ultimately, it wants to use precision fermentation to unlock bioidentical alternatives to a wide range of animal-based ingredients. One of them is pepsin, an enzyme ingredient used in a variety of food and pharmaceutical products. It has launched a pig-free version of pepsin recently. 

Every is currently partnered up with US ingredients giant Ingredion to distribute its products, as well as brewing conglomerate AB InBev to ferment its proteins at scale. 

All images courtesy of Pressed / The Every Company.


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