Precision Fermented Egg Protein In Your Cocktail? Say Cheers to Pulp Culture’s ‘Build’

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A new line of hard juices from Pulp Culture features The Every Company’s precision fermentation egg protein in a first for the alcohol and precision fermented egg categories.

Following seven years of research and its commercial launch last year, The Every Company (formerly Clara Foods) is now entering the $260 billion alcohol market in a novel partnership with Pulp Culture. The partnership will see the alternative egg protein added to the first protein-boosted hard juice.

World’s first

“With our growing portfolio of animal-free proteins, we’ve demonstrated versatility across a range of applications including cold-pressed juice, baked goods such as macarons, and now the world’s first protein-boosted hard juice,” Arturo Elizondo, CEO and co-founder of Every, said in a statement.

“This launch further proves Every Protein’s capacity to unlock never-before-seen-or-tasted innovations. It’s exciting to continue unveiling new categories for food and beverage brands delivering the bullseye of what today’s consumers want.”

the every company x pulp culture

The Build by Pulp Culture beverages also features a roster of healthy ingredients including probiotics, adaptogens, and superfoods alongside Every’s egg protein. Pulp Culture is the brain child of Vega founder Brendan Brazier and 101 Cider House’s Mark McTavish. The company recently closed a $7 million Series A to advance the fermented alcohol beverage category.

Functional beverages are on the rise; more than 500 were launched so far this year, but only two of those contained alcohol.

“You’re actually giving your body the building blocks it needs to recover and reduce stress, so that you’ll enjoy the moment and also come back better the next day, not hungover,” Brazier, who’s a former Ironman triathlete said of the brand.

The future of alcohol

“In Every we found a partner who understood our needs and shared our vision for creating products the world has never seen before,” said McTavish and Brazier, co-founders of Pulp Culture. “Our consumers have big asks, and we’re flexing to deliver better-than-ever options to fuel their needs. Every is not only powering this world’s-first super beverage: they’re powering the future of better bev-al.”

The announcement follows a production milestone for Every, which saw it partner with AB InBev’s BioBrew last year. In August, the partnership saw the first large-scale fermentation.

the every company x pulp culture

“From day one, we set out to do two things: 1) make animal-free proteins accessible to everyone everywhere, and 2) do it in a way that captures the imagination and taste buds of people with new kinds of foods that the world has never seen,” said Elizondo. “These latest accomplishments in the commercial and scaling realms are proof that we’re making big strides on that journey.”

Last December, The Every Company closed a $175 million Series C fundraising round. “There has never been a better time to be a B2B ingredients platform,” Elizondo said in a statement last year along with the funding. “As the world’s biggest food companies work to evolve their product offerings into the 21st century by driving for cleaner, kinder, and more sustainable labels, the options available are few and far between.”


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