Hong Kong Restaurant Celebrates Grand Opening With Campaign To Plant 10,000 Trees To Fight Climate Change

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On Saturday 26th October, TREEHOUSE will be hosting a party to celebrate their grand opening and contribute to a great cause: fight climate change through planting trees. The event is free to join, and it promises to be an evening full of delicious plant-based bites and drinks, buzzing music and money raising to plant trees, nature’s powerful carbon absorbing tool. The campaign’s target is to raise enough for 10,000 trees and what’s more TREEHOUSE is committed to matching every tree donation which would bring the grand total to 20,000 trees, an amount exceeding the number of trees in Central Park.

TREEHOUSE opened its doors in September in Soho’s new H-Code building, just off Pottinger Street. The long-awaited restaurant concept, marking chef Christian Mongendre’s return to Hong Kong’s plant-based food scene, was met with great reception from both long-time vegans and vegetarians and omnivores alike with its delicious all-day menu of fresh whole food wraps, bowls, salads, burgers and more.

TREEHOUSE is ending its soft launch period with a tree-filled bang: a Grand Opening celebration party open to all featuring plant-based bites, booze and a live DJ, as well as an ambitious campaign to get the community together to plant 10,000 trees in lieu of any ticket sales. TREEHOUSE will be working alongside reforestation organisation The Eden Project, who have ongoing collaborations with tree-planting search engine Ecosia.

TREEHOUSE has promised to match each HK$5 donation with a tree planted on their side to double the impact, which will hopefully mean 20,000 new trees planted thanks to this event. This will be more than the number of trees existing in New York’s Central Park!

Trees absorb and store carbon, which means that they can have an incredible impact in fighting climate change by taking in our greenhouse gas emissions that drive global warming. We are living in an era where the climate emergency can no longer be neglected – and one of the primary ways in which we can help is to plant more trees

“In the middle of our climate crisis and mass deforestation issue, tree planting is a powerful thing to do. With our brand, we want to be able to participate in this positive activity and give back to nature,” Christian Mongendre told the event’s offical media partner Green Queen. 

This goes hand in hand with TREEHOUSE’s mission, which is to provide healthy, nutritious vegan and vegetarian food to the community with sustainability in mind. As we all know, given the hefty carbon emissions, resource usage and soil and water pollution associated with industrial livestock farming, cutting out meat from our diet is one of the most effective ways we can reduce our environmental footprint. While sustainability is at the core of the plant-based restaurant concept, founder Christian Mongendre hopes that their operational footprint can be offset through this tree planting project.

“This is not just a celebration of our grand opening. We want to be a catalyst and a community provider for people to realise the power of giving,” said Mongendre. 

This promises to be a fun night that pulls the community together to enjoy mouthwatering (low carbon) vegan and vegetarian food, drinks and great music – all for an amazing cause. Make sure you don’t miss out!

TREEHOUSSE GRAND OPENING IS FREE and open to all but please register here. When: Saturday 26th October 2019, 8.00pm – Midnight; Shop 1, G/F H Code, 45 Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong.

Lead image courtesy of Green Queen.


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