Work With Us: SEO & Digital Marketing Services

Google Whisperers: How It Started

Sonalie Figueiras and Tracy Turo are leading digital marketing and SEO experts. Together they have created two highly successful websites, Green Queen and Ekowarehouse, both of which pull in millions of digital search impressions a month.

Sonalie and Tracy grew Green Queen from a couple of thousand monthly visits in late 2013 to an audience of over 95,000 today, creating a powerful media platform that they successfully monetize. They managed this on a shoestring budget with zero marketing spend.

They offer private consulting, workshops and training sessions to help you conquer your SEO & digital marketing strategy and grow your online web footprint.

We have consulted for over 70+ US, Asia & European SMEs and startups- some of our clients secured funding as a result of working with us.

Why We Are Different

  • We have PRACTICAL expertise: we have built & run our own successful websites (together they get millions of views per month)
  • We are SEO & Digital Marketing EXPERTS with an in-house Google-certified data scientist
  • We offer the FASTEST turnaround in the market: get your website in less than a month
  • We EMPOWER you to manage and update your own website so you don’t have to rely on a developer

Digital Marketing Services Offered

  • Website Maintenance & Tech Support
  • Website Performance Review
  • SEO Site Optimization: Meta Content Creation
  • SEO & Digital Marketing Strategy Review
  • Google Analytics Training
  • Google Search Console Training
  • Google AdWords Training
  • Content Calendar Creation & Strategy
  • The Basics of Social Media: Facebook & Instagram

Work With Our Google Certified Partner

We Also Offfer Engaging, Mobile First, SEO-Forward Websites

We deliver fully functional websites optimized for both mobile and desktop that can be managed & updated without a developer. We specialize in building user-friendly sites that both visitors and Google loves.

What You Get 

  • All Website Types including E-Commerce, Blog/Media & Business Card
  • Specialists in WordPress & Shopify CMS
  • Super Fast Turnaround
  • Domain & Hosting Setup
  • SEO Ready Websites
  • Theme Strategy & Choosing
  • Google Analytics & Search Console Installation
  • SSL Certificate Installation
  • Backend Training: How To Add Posts, Products & Pages
  • UI/UX Forward Strategy
  • Fully Mobile Optimized Website
  • Sitemap Creation & Submission
  • Key WordPress Plugin Installation
  • Social Media Account Setup
  • Mailchimp Setup

Testimonials: What Our Consulting Clients Have To Say

Walked Away With An Actionable Plan by Nicole Denholder of Next Chapter Ventures

“I just finished a session with Sonalie and Tracy and they are amazing, great at helping set a plan to go forward around SEO and Marketing that feels like it will get results. What is brilliant is that I feel I have walked away with an actionable plan for going forward, whereas I could have left completely overwhelmed. I really appreciate your insights and I am definitely excited by the challenge to grow our business digitally through SEO.

Better Than A Full Marketing Course by Annie Wong & Angela Wong of Little Things In Life

Green Queen is perfect for people who need quick, efficient and wonderfully blunt lessons & advice to get back on track (or get started) using data analytics. 

The things I learned from Sonalie & Tracy about what to consider from their free Garage Society talk and a complimentary phone consultation were better than an entire marketing course I had completed. 

Naturally, we ended up taking the paid consultation sessions from them! In all fairness, there are other ways to get what they teach:

  1. Learn by yourself. But as a startup, who has the time to stumble around when I need the knowledge and experience now?
  2. Pay other people to do it. We did, but in the end, you still need to have this knowledge yourself, even if it’s not as in-depth as the person you hired. How else do you know they are doing a good job?

I love how they teach, I love what they teach. I wish I had known all this before beginning a startup or any marketing job. It would have saved a ton of time, money and effort – the definition of working smart instead of just working hard.”

Taking The Mystery of SEO & Boosting Google Rankings by Rebecca Keiller of Klook

The sessions with Sonalie and Tracy definitely helped take the mystery out of SEO for us and they explained the complexities of Google Analytics in a way that we could easily understand and utilise to our advantage. By carefully analyzing the website and its usability,  they also advised us on how to make it more user-friendly – changes that we took on board and have since implemented on our new and improved site.

The help didn’t just stop at the sessions and they encouraged our numerous follow-up emails asking for clarifications, sending screenshots and posing questions. (Thank you for your patience and speedy replies!) Since putting everything we learnt into practice, we’ve seen boosted Google rankings and, in turn, increased sales, as more and more people are finding the Klook website.

Taking Things To The Next Level by Kanchan Porta-Panjabi of Living Alive Conscious PR & Events

When running your own business, you can often get caught up working for clients and dealing with all the other tangential areas in the business rather than on the business itself. The ladies at Green Queen not only helped me re-focus and clear my thoughts, they inspired me to find my passion once again. The sessions with them gave me insight into how Google looks at and rates your website, whats new and hip in terms of web design, how to tackle your analytics better, what the most useful stats to watch out for are, and lots more. Thank you Sonalie and Tracy for helping me take my business to the next level. 

Meeting Green Queen: An Education by Caroline Roy of Apronto

I did not expect to get an education when I met with Sonalie and Tracy for an analysis of my business needs. Like most small entrepreneurs, I had come to a stage where small tasks overwhelmed me and I did not delegate enough. I was hoping that Sonalie and Tracy would just give my website performance a boost and develop a strategy for how to sell our products online. Little did I know.

In three highly efficient meetings we framed Apronto’s business model, positioned our products and defined customer demographics. We assessed what our web presence needed to do in order to support Apronto’s goals. The most productive aspect of our sessions was the ability to work simultaneously on the business’ big picture as well as the practical details. Because Tracy supported every open question with data we were able to focus, plan and decide fast. I learned to pin down our web needs and learned how Google’s keywords, tags and algorithm support those needs.  As Tracy and Sonalie understand how important it is to both work with and contextualize data, they are able to use it effectively and teach you to do so too.

Our three meetings transformed the way I think about our business, e-commerce and e-communication strategies. These meetings were a long-term investment that will increase in value the more I practice what I learned. I can already see the first results in my sales. More importantly, I learned to make decisions quickly.  Both Tracy and Sonalie are inspiring, patient and extremely nurturing consultants. They go beyond their call of duty to create the desired change. Working with them will help you to do what matters – and ignore or delegate the rest.

Cost-Effective & Tailor-Made by Fe Valvekens of A Day With Fe

As a new business founder, I am very cost conscious especially when it comes to spending on consulting fees. Green Queen has a variety of services to offer, and I opted for a customized workshop spread over 3 sessions to learn about SEO and how I could enhance the content of my website.

Based on my needs, and the current stage of my business, Green Queen tailor-made the workshop so I could learn, get hands-on experience with tools such as Google Analytics, and have immediate feedback on the practical things that I had learned. Both Sonalie and Tracy shared their experience and knowledge in a simple and straightforward way, which helped me demystify SEO.