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    Green Queen Living: Five Gorgeous Raw Cold Pressed Juice Recipes by..

    5 Cold Pressed Juice Recipes

    In her final Green Queen Post, uber nutritonist Karin Reiter of Nutritious & Delicious shares these refreshing, flavorful & cleansing raw cold pressed juice recipes. Make sure to choose the freshest produce, soak it thoroughly (scrub the skins with a brush) and ideally use a hydraulic juice press to get the most nutritious bang for […]

    Green Queen Giving: Chi Fan For Charity HK

    Chi Fan for Charity Hong Kong

    How was Chi Fan started? In 2009, after attending numerous charity fundraisers where most of the money raised went to underwrite the event and not to those in need, founder Michael Crain had an idea.  He approached his friends in the restaurant industry and asked them to donate a table of 10, recruited his other […]

    Eco Insights: Toxic Beauty Part 2 – Parabens


    In the first part of our series, we covered sulfates. If only that were the only ingredient to worry about. There are so many more to come, this will be our longest blog post series yet! Today we tackle parabens, also omnipresent in the drugstore/pharmacy aisles.   What Is It?   Parabens is a group […]

    Green Queen Living: Top 10 Tips to Boost Your Fertility Naturally B..

    Natural Fertility Tips

    Diet and nutrition can play a strong role in the way our genes are expressed and influence our fertility, just as it plays a role in other challenges to health and well-being. Whether you’re currently trying to conceive or struggling with unexplained infertility, paying a little extra attention to your diet won’t hurt. Below are my […]

    Green Queen Foodie: Our Handy Guide to Fresh Herbs

    Handy Guide to Fresh Herbs

    Herbs are often ignored, which is a shame- because they are a brilliant way to add flavor to your food, not to mention the incredibly varied healthy benefits they bestow. Make every meal a herby one with our handy guide!   Rosemary ♦Rosemary is rich in calcium and vitamin B6- the latter of which can […]

    Eco Insights: Toxic Beauty Series Part 1- Sulfates

    Toxic Beauty Sulfates

    The media has made us all somewhat aware that most of the products we use to wash and care for our faces and bodies contain some rather suspicious ingredients. The laundry list of what to avoid is a long one so this series will birth many posts.   Most of us are too busy to […]

    Green Queen’s Ultimate Guide to Juice Cleanses in HK

    Juice Cleanse Hong Kong

    Unless you have been living under a proverbial rock, you have probably picked up on the whole juice cleanse trend (also known as juice detox). The juice in question is no ordinary Tropicana. No siree, this juice is a different species altogether. This juice is raw (=non pasteurized), cold pressed, which means it is made using a special type of hydraulic juice press that extracts the juice using […]

    Green Queen Living: How to Get Your Family To Eat Healthier Foods b..

    Family Healthy Eating

    As a mother of two, one of my biggest pleasures in life is feeding my kids nutritious meals. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy! Kids have minds of their own and are not always interested in steamed vegetables and quinoa. However, through experience and trial and error, I have found some ways to get my little […]

    Eco Insights: 5 Easy Steps to a Greener Office

    Green Office

    Want to play your part for the environment but don’t know how? Don’t have time to focus too much on making your working environment more eco-friendly?  Check out these 5 tips below for easy suggestions to green your workplace. No hefty green consultant fee necessary!   No Printing Have an eco-friendly paperless day. Ask all […]

    Green Queen Living: Staying Healthy While You Travel by Karin Reite..

    Trail Mix

    In the second installment of her Green Queen series, Karin Reiter of Nuritious n Delicious shares her travel tips with us.  A frequent flyer and yet, she manages to stay healthy by adhering to good habits, which she outlines for us here.    Without access to your kitchen, personal trainer and morning green smoothie, your […]

    Green Queen Heroes: Claire Sancelot of Zero Waste Hong Kong

    HK Green Home Zero Waste

    Claire Sancelot is a one-woman green revolution. Her incredibly inspiring blog Zero Waste Hong Kong and Facebook page detail her fastidious commitment to living an expat life in Hong Kong while producing almost no waste at all. Her entire family of 6 (herself, her husband, 3 kids, 1 helper plus 1 very naughty dog) produce […]

    Eco Insights: Alternative Energy Series Part 4 – Nuclear Ener..

    Nuclear Energy Part 4

    Of all the alternative energy controversies, nothing gets people so riled up as nuclear energy. Those who believe in it are staunch defenders and those against consider it totally unfathomable. We take on everyone’s points below.    Nuclear Energy: Definition   Nuclear energy, also knows as atomic energy, is the energy produced by nuclear fission; […]

    Green Queen Living: Stocking a Healthy Fridge & Pantry by Kari..

    Pantry Jars

    Karin Reiter, nutritionist extraordinaire and founder of Nutritious n Delicious, has so many fans that her Hong Kong classes about nutrition and healthy eating are always sold out! We love her style and how easy she makes it for moms on the go and busy families to make clean food choices. We are so excited […]

    Green Queen Living: Top 10 Reasons LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics is..

    charity pot_new

    There are so many cosmetic brands in the market but most of them are far from green. LUSH, with its focus on fresh products made with totally natural ingredients, took the beauty world by storm when they launched in 1995. Today LUSH has over 900 shops in 51 countries across the world. Below are the […]

    Eco Insights: Alternative Energy Series Part 3 – Ethanol as a..

    Ehtanol Energy Part 3

    We have looked into solar power and wind power in our previous posts in this Eco Insights series, and this week we tackle the subject of ethanol and its use as a biofuel.    What is Ethanol? There is no doubt that we need more alternatives for fuel sources and that we are now in […]

    Green Queen Living: Top 10 Tips for Eating Clean on a Budget


    It can be a challenge to make healthy, clean eating choices in Hong Kong. It’s always been hard to buy clean food and choose responsibly sourced items from a restaurant menu, though there is some real progress on these fronts. We now have over 100 organic farms in the territory and it feels like a new farm-to-table […]

    Green Queen Recommends: Eco Shopping – The Best New Green Con..


    What a great time to live in Hong Kong! All of a sudden, awesome green living concept stores and products are sprouting up in every corner. It’s becoming hard to keep track of them all. Always looking to lend a helpful green hand, Green Queen has put together some of our favorite new addresses for stylish shopping […]

    Eco Insights: Alternative Energy Series Part 2 – Wind Power

    Wind Turbines

    This week, we tackle the basics of wind power and what you need to know about this growing industry. As with solar power, there is a lot to consider.  Wind Power 101 Wind power is the process of harnessing the energy generated by wind. This is done by installing wind turbines in geographically windy areas. […]

    Green Queen Recommends: Hong Kong’s Best Green Wine

    Organic Wine

    Who doesn’t love a full glass of (green) wine after a long day at the office? Now that you know everything there is to know about organic, biodynamic and vegan wines (for a refresher, try here and here), the next step is where to buy the goods. Green Queen has put together this handy Hong Kong green wine […]

    Green Queen Foodie: Have a Lunes Verde at Brickhouse

    Street Corn

    Well-known and much loved as a destination for those seeking a late night taco fix, Brickhouse, brought to you by uber trendy restauranteur group Maximal Concepts, has officially hopped on the green bandwagon with the release of their new Green Monday menu. This set menu, HKD 350 for 2 people, is not only a great deal on […]

    Eco Insights: Alternative Energy Series Part 1- Solar Power

    solar power

    In our latest Eco Insights series, we cover the main types of alternative energy. We start with the most ubiquitous: solar power.  Solar Energy 101 Solar power (also known as solar energy, the two terms are equivalent) is defined as using the sun’s solar radiation, also know as electro-magnetic energy and composed of both light […]

    Green Queen Giving: Ark Eden

    Ark Eden - Kids

    How was Ark Eden started? I had fought on the front-line for many causes, for many years. The crunch came in 2005 with the Lantau Concept (read Concrete) Plan. A group of us decided it was time to concentrate on creating vision for Lantau and Hong Kong rather than always battling. We formed a blue-print called Ark […]

    Green Queen Living: The EWG’s 2014 Clean Fifteen & Dirty..

    Farmers Market

    We all want to eat more organic fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, shopping in the organic aisle is difficult and costly. How can we make smarter choices about what we eat? The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is here to help. The US-based NGO seeks to inform the public and empower us to shop smart. Every year they release The Clean […]

    Eco Insights: What is Fracking and Why is Everyone So Angry About I..


    Lately it seems like news headlines are dominated by fracking this and fracking that. Just what exactly is this fracking business the media is constantly referring to? Don’t worry, you don’t need a Geology degree to understand what people are talking about. Green Queen is going to simplify things for you.   When you search Wikipedia for […]

    Green Queen Living: Must Have Phone Apps for a Greener Life

    good guide

    Want to live a greener life ?  These free apps all make it easier to make greener, healthier choices every day. Visit the app store now and turn your phone into an eco-machine! Buy The Most Eco-Friendly Home, Baby & Beauty Products - The GoodGuide One of the more well-known apps for living a healthier life, the […]

    Green Queen Heroes: David Yeung, Founder of Green Monday

    140324 Sid Lerner

    David Yeung is the charismatic founder of Green Monday, a Hong Kong social enterprise that has taken the city by storm. They work tirelessly to promote the concept of eating vegetarian at least one day a week. They currently partner with over 1,000 restaurants and dining outlets who offer vegetarian Green Monday menus. Here is his story! […]

    Eco Insights: What is Greenwashing?


    An important term for any concerned eco citizen, greenwashing was coined in 1986 by Jay Westervelt, an environmentalist from New York who wrote an essay about the hotel industry’s misleading practice of leaving cards in guest bathrooms asking its clients to be more environmentally minded and save water by re-using towels and linens. He argued […]

    Green Queen Recommends: Top Healthy Meal Delivery- Organic, Vegan, ..

    meal delivery cover photo

    Cooking at home can be rewarding and delicious- though when life gets really busy, it’s great to be able to get some help! Whether you prefer a meal kit where everything is chopped and measured and prepped so you can throw it on the stove and whip up a full dinner in less than 30 […]

    Green Queen Foodie: BeLive By The Sea by Rawthentic Food – A ..

    Parfat Adjusted

    “Start with what you have.” Raw vegan Chef Priscilla Soligo of Rawthentic Food makes you feel like you can whip up the raw gourmet delights she so effortlessly creates with whatever is lying around in your pantry. Chef P, as she is known around town, is a natural born teacher, her far and wide ranging knowledge of […]

    Eco Insights: A Handy Guide Of The Most Eco-Friendly Home Building ..


    In last week’s post, we gave you some useful information about three important eco friendly home building materials: bamboo, abaca and rattan. Today we continue our foray into the natural furnishings world with three more all-stars: hemp, natural rubber and jute.    Hemp   What is it? Hemp is a tall leafy plant that is […]

    Green Queen Loves: Crave Healthy Food – HK’s 360° Heal..

    Crave Healthy Food 1

     It is really tough to change your health paradigm. It’s hard to find the time. It’s hard to find the space. It’s hard to find the discipline.    Should you work on fitness or diet? Getting a trainer is very helpful and motivating but what should you eat while you are training? And what exercise program makes […]

    Green Queen Foodie: Mavericks – Sustainability with a Beach V..

    tuna tartar mavericks

    Chef Austin Fry- well known in the F&B community for current foodie hangouts The Roundhouse Taproom, Salon 10, and formerly of Brickhouse fame- has created what may be the most socially-conscious restaurant in all of Hong Kong, and certainly on Lantau Island. Welcome to Mavericks!   Mavericks is located on beautiful Pui O Beach in South […]