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    Eco Insights: The Diaper Dilemna

    Babies Diapers

    Aren’t those Pampers commercials cute? Who doesn’t love the image of a cherubic baby toddling around in nothing but diapers with colourful little rainbows all over them? Only a monster wouldn’t get all warm and fuzzy when presented with a depiction of all that is innocent and magical about babies. What could possibly be wrong with […]

    Green Queen Living: Asia’s Top Detox Destinations by spas+beyond


     An earlier version of this article previously appeared on spas+beyond.   Ananda in the Himalayas, India Up on a mountain top overlooking the sacred Ganges and Rishikesh, spending time in Ananda feels like coming home, albeit with a hint of Indian maharajah aristocracy. Nurturing staff, beautiful grounds and spectacular food keep you happy between Ayurvedic treatments, yoga […]

    Green Queen Loves: SOTE Gourmet Artisanal Popcorn


    SOTE‘s founders Chelsea and Kate have the kind of faces that makes you think of fairytales. Turns out they met working at Hong Kong Disneyland. Their job? Being Disney princesses! Whilst living across the hall from each other (and making little girls swoon) , they discovered their mutual popcorn obsession. They also realized that Hong […]

    Green Queen Giving: Hong Kong Cleanup

    HK Coastal Cleanup

    In this month’s Green Queen Giving series, we feature Hong Kong Cleanup, by Ecovision team and the amazing work that they do with their various Cleanup Challenges across the city.    How was Hong Kong Cleanup started? The Hong Kong Coastal Cleanup Challenge was started by Lisa Christensen 14 years ago when she decided to clean up trash […]

    Green Queen Living: Make Your Own Green Cleaning Products


    All this talk of chemicals and toxins in home cleaning products makes one just want to run out screaming from the supermarket and never come back. It’s gotten to the point where we have no idea what is actually in these products. Feels like you need a special degree in chemistry to decipher ingredient labels. […]

    Green Queen Foodie: Homegrown Foods’ Harvest Feast 2014

    Homegrown Foods Harvest Feast

    The angry rain clouds finally parted and the sun came out in full swing this past Saturday, no doubt to shine bright on this most gorgeous of occasions, Homegrown Foods‘ Harvest Feast. What began four years ago as mere 50 person gathering has transformed into a mega foodie event with 500 hungry Hong Kongers showing […]

    Green Queen Heroes: Anita Cheung of i-Detox


    Tell us a little bit about yourself.  I come from a background in the fashion industry. After 13 years, I wanted a change and retrained. In 2005, I completed the program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York and became a holistic health practitioner and wellness coach and advocate. I’ve since been trained in […]

    Eco Insights: The Very Scary Truth About Agave

    Agave Plant

    Sweetener Story  First came the war on sugar. White sugar = Very Bad.  While many of us still consume it, we know we shouldn’t. It’s almost embarrassing to add it to your morning coffee, especially when your colleague proudly affirms: “Coffee? I take it black.” Then came the attack on artificial sweeteners. Sucralose (Splenda), Saccharin […]

    Green Queen Recommends: 5 Amazing Raw Vegan Resources in Hong Kong

    Raw Vegan Bolognese Bowl

    Greenwoods Raw Cafe - Hong Kong’s Only 100% Gourmet Raw Cuisine Restaurant   Only mere months ago, the idea of a completely raw restaurant in Hong Kong seemed extremely unlikely. Along came Greenwoods Raw Cafe. Opened by Dr Simon Chau, the founder of the Hong Kong Vegetarian Society , and tucked away in a building in Kowloon, […]

    Eco Insights: Bamboozled – The Greenest Grass of The Land


    In this post, we explore the many amazing qualities of bamboo as a resource for the health of our planet and ourselves as human beings. Bamboo and The Environment Bamboo doesn’t require herbicides and pesticides to grow. It also needs far less water than trees. As a grass, it can grow 1 to 2 metres […]

    Green Queen Loves: Aberdeen Street – Family & Vegetarian Frien..

    7. zoom on terrace tables

    The owner of Aberdeen Street, a charming and friendly cafe that opened its doors last August, Sophie Lamacq, wanted to create a restaurant that she herself wanted to hang out at- relaxed environment, comfortable decor and an easy ambience with  good homey food for the whole family. She has succeeded in doing just that, and on weekends […]

    Save the World: Start Cycling or 8 Reasons to Be a Bike Cult Convert


    Save the World: Start Cycling or 8 Reasons to Be a Bike Cult Convert Advocating urban cycling is hardly revolutionary. It’s common sense for most of us that cycling is environmentally friendly and just plain good for Planet Mother Earth. For argument’s sake, and because we love any sustainable movement and because we wanted to […]

    Green Queen Foodie: A Soup, A Salad & A Sweet, 3 Healthy Easy Recipe..

    Tomato Soup GQ

    It’s hard to find time to cook at home so it’s important to be armed with easy-to-follow healthy and delicious recipes. Blogger Nicole Lana Lee from uber healthy food site Ola Huna has designed a complete meal from appetizer to dessert that takes an hour or less to prepare! Each dish contains superfood ingredients that […]

    Green Queen Recommends: Hong Kong’s Top Indie Beauty Brands

    Top Indie Beauty Brands

    A version of this post was previously published on Sassy Hong Kong.    Satisfy your inner beauty junkie urges with the finest of the city’s local and handmade beauty products. Below the best in class on all matters beauty & body so you can make the most sustainable choices. Better for the planet, better for you! […]

    Green Queen Giving: Synergy Social Ventures

    Synergy 2

    How was Synergy Social Ventures started? Abbie Jung and Jana Svedova started Synergy in 2011 to help early stage socially-driven social entrepreneurs in Asia who are solving major social, economic and environmental challenges with revenue-generating business models.  We created Synergy to support these young, passionate, driven and resourceful social entrepreneurs grow their organizations into sustainable and financially […]

    Eco Insights: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Green Wine Part 2 ..

    wine 2

    In Part 1 of this series, we covered what it means for a wine to be organic, what sulfites are and why they can be harmful. In Part 2 below, we explain how biodynamic wine is different from organic wine and what exactly is vegan wine.  What is biodynamic wine? A biodynamic winery is philosophically […]

    Green Queen Loves: Think Chocolate’s Artisanal Cacao Mission


    Anyone who doesn’t know that Brooklyn is where it’s at when it comes to fabulous artisanal food products is obviously taking a vow of media silence. Hip foodie brands are literally pouring out of New York’s hipster borough where craftsmanship and farm to table values are celebrated above all else. Artisan chocolate epitomizes this trend […]

    Green Queen Foodie Series Part 3: Top 5 Sustainable Seafood Shops

    Buying Seafood

    Green Queen has given you the lowdown on how to buy seafood sustainably and you now have a guide to seafood ecolabels- all that’s left is to actually buy the seafood. Looking to make a delicious seafood feast that is as sustainable as it is delectable but not sure where to find what you need? […]

    Green Queen Loves: Eat Fresh Organic e-GreenGrocery Delivery

    eat fresh 4

    If you haven’t heard of Eat Fresh yet, you must be living under a (proverbial) organic rock. Originally a mom trio who wanted to organize local & organic veggie deliveries, Eat Fresh is now a powerhouse of organic grocery shopping run by Mia Man, a Certified Plant-based Food Chef and Board Certified Health Coach, and Martina […]

    Green Queen Ayurveda Series Part 3: Know Your Dosha, Know Yourself

    Doshas Ayurveda

    What is a Dosha?  The Ayurvedic concept of prakruti, which translates literally from Sanskrit as “nature,” refers to our natural mind-body constitution – the unique characteristics that each of us is born with, perceptible through emotions, behavior, body type, metabolism, and health tendencies.  The overall nature of a persons constitution is largely determined by which […]

    Green Queen Foodie Series Part 2: A Guide to Seafood Ecolabels

    Seafood Labels

    Feel overwhelmed during your seafood shop and not sure which labels means what? Not to worry, Green Queen has put together this handy guide to help you navigate the confusing world of seafood ecolabels. Next week, we share our list of the top places to buy sustainable seafood in Hong Kong. Stay tuned!      […]

    Green Queen Recommends: Hong Kong’s Top 5 Green Baby Wear

    organic baby clothes

    A version of this post was previously published on Sassy Mama Hong Kong.    Baby clothes have always been adorable, but now thanks to some great local shops they can be green as well!  So next time your precious sweetheart outgrows those tiny socks, check out these shops for items that are high in cuteness […]

    Green Queen Ayurveda Series Part 2: Reenita’s Top 5 Ayurvedic Longe..

    Ayurveda Hong Kong

    1. Know thy dosha  You don’t have to become an expert but understanding your dosha - (your Ayurvedic mind-body constitution) is akin to understanding your own mind-body blueprint. If nothing else, it will equip you with better information about yourself for your next conversation with your doctor or healthcare provider. Find out  what your dominant dosha in […]

    Green Queen Foodie Series Part 1: How to Buy Seafood Sustainably

    sustainable seafood

    When it comes to buying fish and seafood, Green Queen knows it can be hard to know if you are making the right choice. We want to help. In this three part series, we cover everything you need to know to be an informed and sustainable seafood buyer including what to buy, where to buy […]

    Green Queen Ayurveda Series Part 1: An Introduction to India’s Anci..

    Ayurvedic Spices

    By Reenita Hora Malhotra   My late grandparents had a longevity mantra that was synonymous with the objective of Ayurveda, India’s ancient medicine: to live long you must live life to your full potential.   Today, we lead more stressful lives than our grandparents did as we have consciously brought complexity into the framework of […]

    Eco Insights: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Green Wine Part 1 ..

    Wine grapes

    Organic wine has graduated from a hippie dream to a bona-fide mega growth industry, one that no one can afford to ignore any longer. Love your evening vino but want to drink green? Know your way around the wine aisles and the difference between a vegan and a biodynamic wine! Stay informed with our handy […]

    Green Queen Exclusive: Mango Menus’ GF & Vegan School Packed Lunch..

    GF & Vegan School Packed Lunch Planners

    Week 4 is the final installment in Helen Scott of Mango Menus‘ Gluten Free & Vegan school packed lunch menu planners series. We hope these have made your lives easier. The ideas are so great and so easy to make feel free to use them for your busy hubby too or why not take them to office yourself?   If […]

    Green Queen Foodie: How to Make Raw Vegan Caramel Coconut Goji Truffles

    Raw Truffles Ola Huna

    By Nicole Lana Lee   Raw vegan desserts are nutritious, 100% natural and made without artificial sugar- this is better for your health, your waistline and the planet. And the incredible part is, the desserts can taste as good as, if not better, than conventional desserts which are loaded with artificial sugar and animal products. As […]

    Green Queen Giving: International Care Ministries (ICM)

    ICM Organic Vegitable Gardening - By Brian Yen

    For this month’s Green Queen Giving, we talk to Tess Lyons who heads up Donor Relations for the Hong Kong office of International Care Ministries (ICM) in Hong Kong.  How was ICM started? ICM came into existence 22 years ago when a Hong Kong woman was visiting The Philippines and a local lady asked for money […]

    Green Queen Loves: Lunchin’ with Something Fresh

    Something Fresh Noodles

    Last time we spoke to you about Something Fresh, they were newly launched and offering the busiest amongst us a great solution for a healthy vegan or vegetarian dinner. Their colorful meal kits with step by step instructions make us feel like a proper Chef in our own home- plus the selections are guilt-free. Something […]

    Green Queen Exclusive: Mango Menus’ GF & Vegan School Packed Lunch..

    GF & Vegan School Packed Lunch Planners

    It’s Week 3 and Helen Scott of Mango Menus is still going strong with creative and easy Gluten Free & Vegan to make ideas for the kids’ packed lunches to bring to school.    Helen is offering Green Queen fans  HKD 300 off her normally priced HKD 950 consultations, email her at mangomenus@gmail.com and use voucher code […]

    Eco Insights: 4 Reasons To Invest In a Green Roof

    Green Roof

    Green roofs are pretty trendy in the green community. Thanks to pro-green roof urban planners like the previous mayor of Chicago Richard Daley, whose green roof initiatives ensured that his city was the undisputed green roof pioneer in the US or countries like Germany where 10% of the entire country’s roofs are covered in vegetation, […]