AcquaVibe (Previously Beyond 02)

AcquaVibe (Previously Beyond 02)
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AcquaVibe (Previously Beyond 02)

Acquavibe offers US-made water filters for both home and commercial use. Residential version come in both installed, under the sink, and uninstalled, counter top,  varieties.



Unit B, 4/F, Gough Plaza, 33 Gough Street
+852 6033 3759
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Island


Whether you get an Acquavibe water filter or another brand, we need to start to connect the dots. Single use plastic bottles should not exist, they are creating a bigger problem than they are solving. Governments around the world are going to start to ban single use plastic bottles. Not because they are environmentalists but because the land fills are full and our Oceans should not be our garbage can. Do we really need governments to tell us whats common sense. Always live a #lifewellhydrated. Be the change and have the best in your home.
Rafael Bellavita | March 1, 2018
Water is the most important element after air for our survival. Most people don't make the water they drink a priority in their life. You want your skin to look healthier more plump, have better digestion and be able to fight off all the toxins we have around us, then drink the right water. Have your own best, quality drinking water at home, use Acquavibe. For your own sake and that of your families, stop buying plastic bottled water that is full of toxins and is just RO water at the end! Why not have the best at home.
Tatiana Bellavita | July 15, 2016

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