Kowloon Bay Brewery

Hong Kong craft brewery offering a pale Ale, an American IPA, a Weizen, a nut brown ale and an amber ale- all available bottled. Kowloon Bay Brewery also has created the first gluten-free craft beer in Asia: their IPA. Follow their Facebook page to find out where they are available.

香港手工釀酒商,出售愛爾淡啤酒、美國印度淡啤酒、小麥啤酒、核桃黃啤酒和琥珀啤酒,全都有提供樽裝出售。同時創造了亞洲首款不含麪筋的手工啤酒︰Copper Ale。可於其Facebook專頁查詢出售地點。

+852 2559 8218