Acti-Tape is Hong Kong's very own non-medicated sports tape, made for everyone from professional athletes to amateur runners. The tape is flexible and breathable, it also helps with pain relief and joint/muscle stabilization. It is the perfect replacement for any joint guards. It also naturally promotes healing by promoting blood flow.

Acti-Tape 活力肌腱貼用途廣泛應用至保護肌肉關節以預防受傷,減輕腫脹,減輕痛楚及促進傷患康復等用途。透過獨特的施貼方法,活力肌腱貼有助促進身體自然康復機能,同時亦能支撐及穩定肌肉與關節,其高度伸縮性,用者於貼後仍能進行全方位的活動,運動時更靈活自如,讓運動員發揮得更淋漓盡致。

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