Rainbow Organic Park Strawberry Farm

Rainbow Organic Park Strawberry Farm
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Self pick organic strawberry farm that also grows corn and tomatoes. Great for family day trips. Note that strawberry season is December through May.

DD, 76 Hok Tau Village
+852 9302 0258
Hong Kong
New Territories


I have lived in the area for 52 years, but have never visited this Organic Strawberry Farm, as well as Corn and Tomatoes.. I was very happy to see that there were 7 different varieties of Japanese Strawberries being grown very close to where I live. It was a great experience and really enjoyed myself. The best strawberry location is very close to the hut where you weigh your basket. For 1 kilo $250 but seriously worth it. I would put your Google maps guide on if driving, there is ample parking on the road side. Enjoy the cow farm smells when you drive over. Pick up your basket and scissors once you arrive and pay once you have decided how many strawberries you want. Weigh in and pay in cash.
Joann Hardwick | February 20, 2018
The organic strawberries are finger-licking good! Spend an afternoon filling your basket at this lush farm.
Dorsha P. | February 27, 2014

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