Bee’s Nest Pure Honey

Bee's Nest Pure Honey Hong Kong is a brand of locally harvested honey from local Hong Kong bees. They offer honey, honey jars with honeycombs and full honeycombs. They also produce a line of beauty products under their Honey Beauty brand using the Bee's Nest honey which includes shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and shower gel. They also have a skin/body care line using the royal jelly from their honey. They are not certified organic though they use organic beekeeping practices. You can find them at these retailers.


Bee's Nest Pure Honey採集本地蜜蜂的蜂蜜,提供樽裝蜂蜜、含蜂窩的蜂蜜產品和完整的蜂窩,亦有一系列使用其蜂蜜所製成的美容產品,包括洗髮露、護髮素、淋浴露及潤膚霜。

S4B, 4/F, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street
+852 2506 2700