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Moonzen Brewery
A local Hong Kong nanobrewery, Moonzen Brewery creates handcrafted beer that is raw, unpasteurized, contains live yeast, and is naturally carbonated. The beer is brewed with only water, grain, hops, and yeast. Moonzen Brewery composts all remaining grains and has a bottle recycling program.

本地納米啤酒製造商,出售天然、自然含碳的手工啤酒,只含清水、穀物、蛇麻草和酵母。Moonzen Brewery將所以餘下的縠物作施肥之用,並推行瓶子回收計劃。

+852 6926 5987
Nine Dragons Brewery

Craft brewery based in Hong Kong but brewing in Germany, producing a range of beers, they are available on tap at various restaurants in Hong Kong. See their website for current locations.

出產本地製啤酒,於各間香港餐廳有售,詳情可見Nine Dragons Brewery的website主頁。

25/F Workington Twoer

78 Bonham Strand
+852 5109 6580
Tipping Point Brewing Co.

Former TBLS Chef Que Vinh Dang's new microbrewery cum pub. In addition to their own beers they offer with craft beers from all around the world and comfort food.

由前TBLS Kitchen Studio主廚執業的微釀製酒吧,出售來自世界各地的手工啤酒和小食。

79 Wyndham Street
+852 2868 2892
Yardley Brothers Brewing

Locally made craft beer from Lamma Island- they make IPAs. Visit them at their beer shack to order/buy.

16B, Tai Yuen Village, Yung Shue Wan
+852 9543 4963
Young Master Ales

Locally brewery producing small-batch hand crafted ales - the beer is unfiltered, unpasteurized, naturally carbonated and contains no stabilizers. Young Master Ales is available on tap at various pubs, bars and retailers- check their website for the full list. Their brewery is open to the public from Monday to Saturday: you can order beers for takeaway. They also offer tours of their brewery and can provide kegs for various types of events.

出售本地釀製的手工麥芽酒,產品未經人工過濾及人工高溫消毒,經天然碳化並不含化學成份。於多間酒吧和零售店有售,可於Young Master Ales網頁查詢出售地點。同時提供參觀釀造所活動,亦為各種活動提供桶裝啤酒。

G/F, Sungib Industrial Centre, 53 Wong Chuk Hang Road
+852 2783 8907