Hong Kong’s Best Veggie Burgers Part 2: New Plant Patties To Try

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Gone are the days when veggie burgers were seen as the inferior to its beefy brother. Having risen up the ranks from grilled portobellos (seriously, no) and pre-made frozen veggie patties (ugh!) to house-made, handcrafted gourmet mounds of meat-free goodness, Hong Kong’s burger scene has never been tastier. If you are a fan of the veggie burgers from our previous list, you are going to LOVE our new one: we’ve rounded up more of Hong Kong’s best. Make way for the meatless burgers of the future!

Veggi Monster: Burger in Black (Vegan)

July 2018: Veggi Monster has closed down. 

Veggi Monster’s Burger in Black is gearing up to be an icon amongst the Hong Kong plant-based crowd. Featuring an edgy all-black burger ensemble, this vegan hunk of deliciousness certainly delivers on presentation and taste.

January 2018 Update: The Burger in Black is now called the Dark Giant (the recipe is exactly the same).

What’s In It: Charcoal bread, portobella mushroom, organic black bean patty, quinoa, tomatoes, black truffle sauce, non-dairy cheese, kale, and olives.

How Much: HKD 68 including one drink (add HKD 18 for fries,  HKD 38 for a fresh salad)

G/F, 1 Wing Lok Street, Cheungs Building, Sheung Wan, +852 2886 0325, veggimonsterhk@gmail.com; Open Monday to Saturday 11:30AM – 8:30PM. 

Veggi Monster: Oriental Freshness (Vegan)

July 2018: Veggi Monster has closed down. 

Still basking in the newbie spotlight, another hit on Veggi Monster’s menu is their Oriental Freshness. With its meaty porcini mushroom texture and a pronounced flavor accented by their housemade Thousand Island dressing reminiscent of In-N-Out’s secret sauce, your tastebuds will gush in delight.

January 2018 Update: This burger has now been discontinued. 

What’s In It: Wild porcini mushroom, kale, pearl rice, oatmeal, seaweed, Thousand Island dressing.

How Much: HKD 68 (add HKD 38 for a fresh salad)

G/F, 1 Wing Lok Street, Cheungs Building, Sheung Wan, +852 2886 0325, veggimonsterhk@gmail.com; Open Monday to Saturday 11:30AM – 8:30PM. 

The Vegvolution Kitchen: Burger (Vegan)

April 2019: Vegvolution Kitchen has closed down. 

New kid on the block, The Vegvolution Kitchen, is showing its chops by way of their all-vegan menu. Taking inspiration from the classic American cheeseburger, Vegvolution Kitchen pulls off this delicious burger while expanding your horizons a little – vegan. is. delicious. We don’t have many deets as their recipe is closely guarded but we can vouch for its yumminess.

What’s In It: A top secret recipe including kale and beetroot, tomatoes, lettuce, and vegan cheese.

How Much: HKD 78 (for set lunch with soup and main; no a la carte option)

3/F, 2 – 6 Fu Ming Street, Bo Ming Building, Causeway Bay, +852 6010 4487, thevegvolution@gmail.com; Open Daily (except Tuesday) from 12PM – 3PM; 6PM – 9:30PM. 

March 2019 Update: The Vegvolution Kitchen has now closed. 

The Globe: Veggie Bean Burger (Vegetarian)

This entry may surprise you! A gastropub in the heart of Soho (who just won The Best Pub Award 2017, congrats!), The Globe spices up a veggie bean burger with Mediterranean flair featuring lots of flavor that makes us feel like we’re chowing down on an island in the Aegean Sea. Come by, and be sure to bring your beer-loving friends with you.

What’s In It: Picked carrot, beetroot, tzatziki, hummus, and rocket.

How Much: HKD 158 (comes with chips or salad)

G/F, 45 – 53 Graham Street, Garley Building, Central, +852 2543 1941, info@theglobe.com.hk; Open  Daily from 10AM – 2AM. 

Morrison Cafe and Bar: Falafel Burger (Vegan)

July 2018: Morrison Cafe has closed down. 

Drawing inspiration from the original Middle Eastern veggie pattie, Morrison Cafe and Bar is the wild card of our list that implements a crispy, flavorful falafel patty. With some hearty chickpeas and fava beans in the mix, you won’t miss the meat.

What’s In It: Homemade falafel patty, avocado, hummus, and truffle paste.

How Much: HKD 108 (comes with skinny fries and gherkins)

G/F, 284 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan, +852 2310 9777, info@morrisonhk.com; Open Daily from 8AM – 12AM. 

Morrison Cafe and Bar: Veggie Burger (Vegetarian)

July 2018: Morrison Cafe has closed down. 

Offering the best live music in town with great food and chilled beers, Morrison Cafe and Bar serves up a stellar veggie burger, built with a mix of potato, chickpeas and carrots.

What’s In It: Homemade potato and chickpeas patty, cheese, and truffle mayo.

How Much: HKD 108 (comes with skinny fries and gherkins)

G/F, 284 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan, +852 2310 9777, info@morrisonhk.com; Open Daily from 8AM – 12AM. 

Nood Food: Green Stack (Vegan)

Brand spanking new, nood food’s new Green Stack burger will be making waves, no doubt. A great burger is all about toppings and this 100% vegan patty certainly rises to the occasion. Zesty sauce, vegan coleslaw and pickled cucumbers are the perfect complement to this juicy burger. Currently available only at their Soho Café.

What’s In It: Patty is a mixture of mushroom, chickpeas, nuts, chia and pumpkin seeds, oats, veggies, spices and herbs; dark rye bun, tofu mayo, organic romaine lettuce, pickled cucumber and vegan coleslaw.

How Much: HKD 128 (comes with sweet potato wedges; HKD 88 for a la carte)

2/F, 32 Hollywood Road, Kinwick Centre, Central, +852 8199 8189, info@allnood.com; Open Monday – Saturday from 7AM – 11PM; Sunday & Public Holidays from 8AM – 10PM. 

Honbo: Vegan Burger (Vegan)

Honbo has been making waves in the omnivore foodie community ever since it opened: the founder chef is an unabashed burger lover who has successfully paired his mission to create the perfect burger with his passion for local flavors. After a slew of requests from herbivore customers, Honbo launched their vegan burger to great fanfare. The eggplant and mushroom combo make it an umami-filled winner and the wood ear fungus in sesame oil topping leave no doubt as to its Asian flavour origins. Clocking in at only 310 calories, it’s a delicious, nutrient-dense treat that celebrates local produce- most of the ingredients are sourced from Hong Kong farms.

What’s In It: Patty contains mushrooms, cashew, roasted eggplants, chickpeas, pearl barley, garlic, and assorted warm spices; topped with marinated wood-ear fungus, onions and sesame oil, locally grown greens, homemade vegan bun. 

How Much: HKD 98 (add HKD 38 for regular fries, HKD 46 for sweet potato wedges)

6-7 Sun Street, Wanchai, +852 2567 8970, no reservations. Open everyday from 12PM – 4PM & 5PM – 10PM.

The Butchers Club: Beyond Classic (Vegan)

If you haven’t tried the plant-based burger patties from revolutionary plant-based leader, Beyond Meat, you haven’t lived. When we learned Butchers Club teamed up with Green Common to introduce the Beyond Classic, our hearts just about exploded from excitement. Just as legendary as their signature dry-aged beef patty, their vegan burger does everything right.

What’s In It: Vegan bun, vegan special sauce, pickled beetroot crisps, vegan cheddar cheese, Beyond Burger patty, house made pickles, caramelized onions and tomato.

How Much: HKD 120 (add HKD 30 for duck fat fries)

Multiple locations across Hong Kong island, Kowloon and Southern District. Full list here.

Images courtesy of Veggi Monster, The Vegvolution Kitchen, The Globe, Nood Food, Honbo, The Butchers Club, and Morrison Cafe and Bar (lead). 


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