Le Mont Botanique: A Powerful, Fresh & Natural Performance Skincare Brand

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We have just discovered Le Mont Botanique‘s potent plant-extract products and our skin has never looked better. Switzerland-based Le Mont Botanique is a pioneer in the fresh and active skincare space. From the ingredients they source, to how they package their products, to the research that goes into their formulations, to the very ethos that the brand stands for, Le Mont Botanique is what skincare brands should aspire to: purity of purpose and ingredient labels.

LMB product range

Le Mont Botanique Fresh & Natural Active Skincare line boasts a range of products that includes highly concentrated serums, each developed to address a specific concern:

  • an Active Face Wash Cleanser that provides gentle, effective cleansing whilst protecting the skin’s natural oil balance, leaving it hydrated and smooth.
  • a Hydrating Tonic Primer that prepares the skin for active absorption of the powerful serums.
  • Revitalizing Day Serum that restores elasticity, stimulates cell regeneration, and regulates hydration.
  • Anti-Acne Blemish Serum that calms and treats pimples, and works to prevent outbreaks.
  • an Eye Contour Serum that combats fine wrinkles, eliminates dark circles, reduces puffiness and accelerates natural collagen production.
  • Super Hydrate 8-Hour Serum that keeps skin extra-hydrated, ensuring it stays smooth and soft all day long.
  • a Bulgarian Rose Water Spray, the scent of which is a proven natural stress reliever, not to mention that the rose water balances skin pH levels to instantly moisten skin

rose baskets

Le Mont Botanique’s skincare line was created to showcase the healing and nourishing powers of the Rosa Damascena species of rose (you may know it as Damask Rose or Rose of Castile). The flowers grow in Bulgaria’s world-renowned Rose Valley, high above sea level in the Balkan Alps, nourished by hot springs and soil rich with centuries-old mineral deposits. In the world of skincare, Bulgarian Rosa Damascena roses are thought to be the best in the world, from their intoxicating mood uplifting scent to powerful detoxification abilities to their anti-bacterial properties.

bulgarian rose

Le Mont Botanique freshly harvests and steam-distills the rose petals thanks to the company’s unique specially-developed technology that create the purest grade of rosewater and the most concentrated rose oil. Further, the product formulations are based on ancient Bulgarian remedies, with added super botanicals like green tea, rosehip oil, tea tree oil and propolis, all of which have proven benefits for your skin. The products also contain performance ingredients like anti-ageing superstar Q10 coenzyme, collagen-forming plant stem cells and restorative plant peptides. Turns out, nature has everything your skin needs, and Le Mont Botanique knows just how to harness it.
bulgarian rose waterIn order to celebrate the superpowers of Rosa Damascena, Le Mont Botanique has developed their signature Fresh & Pure Organic Bulgarian Rose Water line. Rose water is a proven natural stress reliever: inhaling the soothing rose scent helps to release mood uplifting endorphins. The rose water sprays come in full size options but we are partial to the handy handbag size spray. In fact, the Green Queens never leave home without it- the stuff is a godsend. From instant moisturising, to giving your complexion an instant glow, to balancing your skin’s PH levels, to soothing tired skin (perfect after a day in the sun), to calming irritations (like a eczema flare-up) to improving blood circulation…there are no ends to its many benefits.

Eye Care Ampoule

The product packaging is also a key part to the story. Most beauty products are developed in order to be shelf-stable, which means they require chemical preservatives and/or fillers. Le Mont Botanique is strict about purity: their products are free from artificial preservatives, thickeners, parabens, artificial colors/fragrances and animal ingredients. In fact, each of the brand’s serums comes in individual airless (oxygen-free) single portion ampoules. The reason for this is to prevent oxidation and ensure the plant enzymes remain alive. Active ingredients lose their potency when they are exposed to oxygen and light, an unavoidable issue when you are opening and closing a tub of face cream or a serum bottle. Le Mont Botanique serves up the exact amount you need so your skin gets the maximum goodness from the powerfully pure botanical extracts and their live functioning enzymes- nothing lost, nothing wasted.

Find Le Mont Botanique’s skincare programme at selected Watson’s stores that stock their products and make sure to follow them on Facebook for more fantastic offers.

All images courtesy of Le Mont Botanique HK. 

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