Upcoming Global Wellness Summit To Highlight Growing Asia Market & Regional Trends

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The upcoming Global Wellness Summit (GWS), taking place in Singapore’s Grand Hyatt October 15-17, will see global wellness leaders gather to discuss the future of the industry, with a special focus on Asia’s rapidly growing wellness market. 

Having previously been hosted in countries primarily in Europe and North America, the 13th annual GWS conference, which was originally scheduled for Hong Kong, will welcome industry leaders from over 50 countries at the three-day conference, with an agenda packed with keynotes, presentations and panels all centred on the US$4.2 trillion dollar global wellness industry.

While all sectors of the industry will be discussed – from reinvention of healthcare to spa & beauty trends – there is a marked spotlight on the expansion of the Asian wellness market and Asian wellness trends including sustainable travel and tourism. 

Speaking about this year’s agenda, GWS CEO and Chairman Susie Ellis said: “Wellness is shaking up vast consumer markets and industries and now touches almost every facet of our lives…We are eager to welcome both returning and new delegates, including our large Asian contingency.”

High-profile industry experts are keen to highlight wellness trends in Asia. This is no surprise, given that the region is home to the fastest-growing of all wellness markets, according to the Global Wellness Institute’s 2018 Global Wellness Economy Monitor.

China and India, in particular, has seen the most rapid spike in wellness oriented tourism and travel in recent years, nabbing the top spot for growth globally. Asia as a whole claims the title of having the most spas and mineral springs in the world, and is seeing a host of new leaders and innovators driving further growth within the region’s health and wellness industry. 

With a focus on data-driven trends, the Summit this year will emphasise Asia’s increasing impact on wellness in a presentation titled The Asian Century, host traditional Asian and Asian-inspired wellness experiences such as yoga, tai chi and ceremonial gong bathing, as well as feature the “next-gen” wellness leaders in the region.

The conference will also discuss other transformational trends including sustainable development, technological advances, mental wellness and purposeful social impact as a business.

Lead image courtesy of Global Wellness Summit / Global Wellness Institute.


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