All-Vegan Waste-Free Resort & Animal Sanctuary PlantLife To Open In Thailand

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PlantLife, an entirely vegan luxury resort and animal sanctuary is set to open in Thailand’s island of Koh Phangan. Founded with a mission to provide a relaxing and luxurious experience for guests without harming the environment or sacrificing ethical values, PlantLife will be located on Srithanu Beach on Koh Phanghan, one of Thailand’s most vegan-friendly islands.

Finding that vegan food and accommodation options were few and far between, husband-and-wife founders Joanna and Max Hellier wanted to come up with an alternative option for sustainability-minded travellers. They are also motivated by a low waste philosophy. Not only are plant-based menus rare, typical hotels produce hefty amounts of waste – from plastic-wrapped slippers to cleansing products containing environmentally damaging chemicals.

The five-acre resort will only serve vegan food made with locally sourced ingredients, feature eco-friendly materials, and aim to be waste-free and supplied by renewable energy. The seemingly secluded resort surrounded by the national park is also surprisingly accessible. It is conveniently located on the west side of the Island, near Srithanu village, Zen Beach, and the main pier.

PlantLife’s sustainable credentials look to be impressive. The 23 villas will be fitted with furnishings crafted out of pineapple-based leather, bamboo and organic cotton. The resort will be powered by solar energy, have a zero-waste policy and a self-sufficient water system.

It also serves as a home for 100 rescued street dogs and cats in need of care and refuge. All animals will be neutered, spayed and vaccinated, and a full-time animal carer will on-site to ensure they are looked after. Unlike other sanctuaries, animals living in PlantLife will be free to explore and roam the resort.

“This place will be a home for them as much as it is for you” explains Co-Founder Max Hellier.

The completely vegan vacation experience won’t just benefit the environment and animals, it will also have a strong focus on guests’ health, including nutritious and balanced meals that are 100% plant-based, from the buffet breakfasts to the lunch and dinner menus, not to mention the vegan dessert treats. Other wellbeing-oriented features include the PlantStrong morning exercise club, yoga and meditation sessions and herbal saunas touted to improve circulation.

There are interactive activities too like vegan island tours, visits to fruit farms and bicycle strolls. Budding cooks can participate in an authentic Thai vegan cooking class using fresh and locally sourced ingredients. DIY-inclined guests can visit a local coconut farm and learn how to make coconut oil and other participate in others craft-making sessions such as creating bowls, spoons and fabrics.

“We aren’t just a hotel…we are a living, breathing, compassionate business with real values,” said Max Hellier.

PlantLife started with a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise the funds it needs to start the development.

Lead image courtesy of PlantLife Facebook page.


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