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The internet is a wonderful thing. You can browse cat videos, celebrity gossip and get inspired about what to make for dinner (hopefully on Green Queen). But did you know that you can also use the worldwide web as a gym? There are myriad online free workouts for pretty much every level of fitness and workout style. In fact, us Green Queen gals sometimes get so busy that leaving our desks is a challenge so we rely on workout videos that we can do in the office to maintain our physiques! Below, we introduce some awesome options. The following sites are some of the best available in terms of selection of videos and workouts and most of all, they are all completely FREE! Talk about public service! No matter where you are and how much space you have, if you have an internet connection, there is simply no excuse not to get your sweat on.

fitness blender

Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender is run by an incredible husband and wife team who offer a very professional and easy-to-use site and YouTube channel that allows you to tackle your fitness goals in multiple ways. Both certified personal trainers, Kelli and Daniel started the site, which has been live since 2010, to help people around the world get in shape easily and for free. Who doesn’t love the purity of their mission? They have thousands of videos and a massive selection of workouts focusing on cardio, toning, HIIT, Pilates, yoga, plyometrics, and barre. Want to find a workout? No problem! Their site search is very well done: it allows you to filter workouts by length, calories burned, difficulty, body area focus, training type and equipment needed. When you click on a video the incredibly easy-to-understand explanation displays all the metrics too Basically, Fitness Blender saves you loads of research time, which you can put towards actually working out. We really love the fact that they have a range of workouts according to difficulty level selection- no matter what your fitness background, there is a workout that will challenge you. Also, once you find your workout you can add it to your calendar, in order to plan and track your workout schedule. Plus you can favorite workouts to easily find them again! Want a pre-planned fitness program? They offer multiple workout plans that range from two to eight weeks including options such as 4 Week Core Program for Abs, Obliques and Lower Back and 8 Week Fat Loss Program For Busy People. The videos themselves are easy to follow with clear explanations for each move. The screen shows a bar that shows calories burned and a timer for timed-sets. They film in a white room, making it very easy to follow all of their movements. Their site has a blog, healthy recipes and for even faster results they also have meal plans to help improve results, as well as more comprehensive paid workout plans. All-in-all, Fitness Blender is a fantastic health and fitness resource.

Green Queen Loves: You simply can’t beat Fitness Blender in terms of user experience and sheer selection!

millionaire hoy video

Millionaire Hoy

Millionaire Hoy is a fitness enthusiast based in Chicago, USA whose overtly stated (and extremely commendable) mission is to bring fitness videos to people for free and allowing people to workout without the need of a gym. He has over 400+ free videos available on his YouTube channel and the number is growing, as he adds a new video everyday Sunday through Friday. One of the best aspects of his workouts are Hoy himself: a mixture of motivational and entertaining chatter with wonderfully quotable lines such as “You can’t do 50% of the work and expect 100% of the results.” Millionaire Hoy also encourages healthy eating, ending most workouts with a call to eat homemade, non-processed foods. He is devoted to the plant-based cause, frequently promoting a vegetarian lifestyle. The majority of his workouts are between 30 and 45 minutes and include a warm-up and final stretch. Many of the videos focus on HIIT and kickboxing inspired moves. There are modifications for many of the moves, shown in the upper left part of the screen, ideal for varying fitness levels. If you visit his Playlists section,  you will find a great deal of options including a series of quick workouts for those in a time crunch, as well as workouts with a special body part focus, like your core, lower body or upper body. His 30 Day Full Body Burnout Workout Challenge is a fantastic way to get in shape. He provides a fun and different workout everyday with three sets of 30 he is also a self-professed geek and has a collection of 22 “Geek HIIT” videos inspired by some of the biggest names in comic books and sci-fi such Game of Thrones, Hunger Games, X-Men, Star Wars and The Matrix. Bonus: he also posts his weekly episode of YFN or YouTube Fitness News under his alter-ego, Billionaire Hoy.

Green Queen Loves: As nerds ourselves,  Millionaire Hoy’s Geek HIIT videos have us swooning!



With almost 2 million subscribers, BeFit’s YouTube channel is popular for a reason. BeFit is a US based supplements company that also offers a large selection of over 400 hundred free fitness videos. BeFit’s fitness videos are led by some of the most famous names today including Jillian Michaels, Denise Austin, Jane Fonda, Billy Blanks Jr., and Tara Stiles. They even offer meditations led by Deepak Chopra for those looking to work on their mind, as well as their body. Another great aspect about BeFit is that they offer an entire section of videos optimized for mobile. For anyone who has ever tried to follow a workout video on your phone, you will appreciate this truly game-changing feature. With so many videos from so many personalities, the choices are obviously numerous,  with sections dedicated to ab workouts, cardio, yoga, dance, as well as quickie workouts for those on the go, not to mention videos focusing on plyometrics, barre and pregnancy workouts. There dance section is impressive, with almost 200 videos to choose from. The videos cover the dance spectrum with options for swing, hip-hop, Bollywood and classics such as Paula Abdul’s Get Up and Dance and Jane Fonda’s Fat-Burning Funk Dance Workout.  Make sure to check out The BeFit 101, 201 and 301 videos, 9 HIIT videos with beginner, intermediate and advanced options in 5, 10 or 25 minute sessions. Finally they also have various “Health Hack” videos that contain recipes and tricks for healthy eating.

Green Queen Loves: BeFit has loads of videos set to awesome tunes, no need to load up the iPod!


Photo Credits: Fitness Blender, Millionaire Hoy and BeFit. 


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