Our December Roundup: What We’re Crushing On This Month – Xmas Stocking Edition

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It’s December so for this month’s pick of Green Queen’s favourite products, the theme is great Christmas stocking fillers!

Raiz The Bar Authentic Drinking Chocolate With Dark Chocolate Shavings

In case you haven’t noticed, we are massive Raiz The Bar fans. The Oompa Loompa sisters of Hong Kong have redefined the chocolate scene in Asia! Their bars (don’t miss the brand new Wild Blueberry & Lavender flavour) are simply exquisite: organic, single origin, cold-processed and ethically sourced, not to mention decadently delicious. Lucky for us and just in time for the silly season, they have recently released their Authentic Drinking Chocolate, made from the purest cold-processed raw cacao beans, cacao powder and cacao butter- with added evaporated coconut blossom nectar and a touch of pure vanilla bean. As with everything they do, the product is raw, gluten-free, vegan, organic, paleo-friendly and low GI. Basically it’s zero-guilt hot cocoa and sure to become a family favourite. We have stocked up to make sure we have plenty for the many mugs we will imbibe during those lazy Christmas afternoons on the sofa.

HKD 90 for 250g bag. Order online here or find them at locations around town.  

Coconut Matter Velvet Soap

Coconut Matter Velvet Cold-Process Coconut Oil Soap

Coconut Matter’s mission is to “build a lifestyle that truly matters” and at the heart of it is their wild virgin coconut oil, harvested in the idyllic Solomon Islands, a group of islands located deep down in Oceania. The Hong Kong based brand has a range of other coconut oil and coconut-derived products and they have just launched a line of 5 coconut oil soaps that are the ideal stocking stuffer for everyone from moody teens to lovable Grandma. Each soap comes in gorgeous sisal pouch bags, for an eco-luxe feel,  and it goes without saying that the 100% vegan bars are totally nasty-free- the base is just 2 ingredients: cold-pressed virgin coconut oil and natural Solomon Islands rainwater. Our fave? The Velvet, which is extra moisturizing due to the addition of coconut milk!

HKD 85 for 100g bar. Order online here

thann necklace

THANN Pure Essence Aroma Necklace & Summer Rose Essential Oil

This is another great Xmas pressie for anyone in your life that a) travels a lot, b) suffers from allergies and/or c) is a spa-junkie. Thai spa expert THANN has created a very smart necklace with a locket, inside of which is a cotton pad that you add a few drops of essential oil onto, the scent of which flows through tiny little holes that dot the locket’s front side. The necklace is part of a set that includes a bottle of pure THANN essential oil so it’s a perfect gift (and definitely fits in a stocking). Honestly, what better solution for a long airplane ride? We usually resort to bringing the actual essential oil bottle (since burners and diffusers are out of the questions on flights) but this could be a game-changer. Clear your sinuses, re-orient your nose after being exposed to a bad odour or simply enjoy a lovely natural perfume- either way, this aromatherapy-on-the-go necklace makes life just that little bit better. Choose from 3 essential oil options: Jasmine Blossom, Summer Rose or Lavender & Rosemary.

HKD 380 for the set (necklace and 10ml pure essential oil). Available at all THANN stores around town

squiz baby food pouches

Squiz Reusable Pouches – Carnaval Collection

Eco-minded parents all around the world rejoice! If you regularly find yourself regretfully throwing out multiple fruit & veggy puree pouches a day (as many on-the-go mum and dads of toddlers do), then Squiz is for you! These Swiss-made washable and reusable food pouches are the ideal replacement for the disposable squeeze pouches that cannot be recycled! What we love? Instead of relying on processed foods, busy parents can fill Squiz pouches  with homemade yoghurt, smoothies, soups, purees- anything you like really- all of which are easy to make in bulk at the weekend. The pouches can be cleaned and refilled at the bottom (they have a handy double-zipper sealing system) and then the kiddos suck on the top. Another bonus? Squiz pouches come in really fun toddler-friendly designs like this charming elephant, lion and penguin trio!

HKD 170. Order via their Facebook page or email themoonandbackhk@gmail.com.

raw bars

Frederic Blondeel Chocolatier Madagascar 75% “Raw” Chocolate Tablet

Let’s face it, the holidays and chocolate go together like, well, Christmas trees and fairy lights! We can all agree that come Christmas Day, many of us find ourselves overdosing on the stuff…or perhaps that’s just us? This year, why not up your chocolate game with a few bars from new-to-town chocolatier Frederick Blondeel and their just-launched “raw” single origin chocolate bars. “Raw” because the cacao beans are only lightly roasted below 45 degrees celsius, thereby ensuring that antioxidant levels stay high. (Note: the bars do contain non-raw ingredients, including dairy). Frederick Blondeel chocolates are handcrafted in Belgium and the brand is a passionate advocate of the bean to bar chocolate-making philosophy. There are three flavour options for the “raw” bars, which are all a minimum of 75% cacao: Costa Rica, Peru and Madagascar and our pick is the latter as we love the red berry notes that define Madagascar beans!

HKD 60 for 45g bar. Order online here.


Photo credits: Raiz The Bar, Coconut Matter, THANN, Squiz and Green Queen.


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