Champion Introduces Upcycled Streetwear Collection Dubbed Re:Bound

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American sportswear and streetwear brand Champion will be launching a new upcycled collection called Re:Bound. It is part of a collaboration with Australian influencers Philip O’Donahoo and Jaida The Creator. The collection will contain at least 45% recycled cotton fabric that has been spun out of recovered textile waste from the garment making industry. 

With sustainability becoming one of the biggest trends in fashion, Champion is now unveiling a new eco-friendly collection called Re:Bound. The new streetwear pieces are made using 45% rescued cotton, which is blended with virgin cotton and spun into a new yarn

There will be 21 pieces in the range, including tees, hoodies, crew-neck sweaters, shorts and accessories such as bucket hats and tote bags. From August 4 onwards, the collection will be available on Champion’s website and in select stores in Australia. 

“Pioneering products is our legacy. Protecting the planet is our long game,” the company said in a statement. “Re:Bound is our first step, and we’re just getting started.” 

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Famed Australian sustainable fashion designers and advocates Jaida The Creator and Philip O’Donahoo will be fronting the collection in partnership with Champion. Previously, the brand worked with Melbourne-based label HoMie to launch a “ReChampion” campaign, which also saw a range of pieces made using upcycled materials. 

News of Champion’s sustainable collection comes as the fashion industry as a whole takes heed to the fact that business-as-usual is no longer viable. The industry is responsible for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, 92 million tonnes of landfill waste and is accountable for 20% of water wastage – and consumers are demanding the industry to do better.  

A number of athletic brands have begun to ramp up on their green credentials, with Adidas partnering with Allbirds to create the “lowest carbon footprint shoe” while its rival Nike debuts their “Space Hippie” sneaker collection, featuring a range of plant-based sneakers made using recycled waste, including plastic bottles and textile factory waste such as t-shirts and yarn scraps. 

Even fast fashion giants aren’t exempt from the growing pressure to make its operations more sustainable, perhaps most notably H&M, who have adopted a number of circular initiatives. Last year, the firm debuted its first repair, recycle and rental concept at its Stockholm flagship store, followed by a slew of measures, from launching its sustainable B2B arm Treadler to using more sustainable fabrics such as circulose and vegan leather created using wine waste.  

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