Deliveroo X barePack France: Partnerships Sees 60 Restaurant Partners Offer Meals In Reusable Containers

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Food delivery giant Deliveroo has partnered with circular food packaging startup barePack France in an effort to reduce its single-use packaging by giving customers an opportunity to order their food in reusable containers with sixty Deliveroo partner restaurants already a part of this project.

Deliveroo France will use barePack’s circular system that allows customers to receive their meals in reusable containers through its partner restaurants with barePack predicting that outlets could save EUR€0.30 (approx. US$0.36) per order if they ditch disposable packaging.

At the moment, the trial project is live in Paris and close to London with plans to be expanded to new geographical areas in France.

First, customers need to download the barePack application and create an account through which they can opt for a subscription of EUR€2 (approx. US$2.43) per month or EUR€19 (approx. US$23) per year against a one-year commitment). Using this subscription, customers will receive their meals in reusable containers and can use this service at several restaurants at the same time, the only condition being that one customer can’t have over 5 containers at a time.

Once the dish is consumed, the container can be given to any of the participating restaurants even if it isn’t the same one that provided the dish in the first place and it will be professionally washed and returned to the delivery system.

To identify which partner restaurants are part of this initiative, customers can recgnize them on the Deliveroo application by a barePack label, as well as use a search filter that list those partners who are using reusable. Some of them include Burger Theory, Phood Cadet, WAJ Californian Food, Take Otact, Carnium, Esquisito and Knafe.

In a press release seen by Green Queen, managing director of Deliveroo France, Melvina Sarfati El Grably said: “We are very happy to partner with barePack and implement their innovative and easy-to-use solution to reduce waste. Deliveroo is very invested in finding solutions to limit the carbon footprint of the catering delivered and is delighted to conduct this pioneering experiment.”

barePack has partnered with French supplier Monbento for its reusable containers that are compatible with dishwashers, microwaves, freezers, and can be reused around 300 times. For beverages, the containers are made in Germany by Ornamin which specializes in transforming end-of-life containers into medical seats. Both these containers are certified non-BPA.

Deliveroo is very invested in finding solutions to limit the carbon footprint of the catering delivered and is delighted to conduct this pioneering experiment

Melvina Sarfati El Grably, managing director of Deliveroo France

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Director of Operations of barePack in France, Nicolas Piffeteau said that joining forces with Deliveroo is a major step in scaling the positive impact model. “The fight against climate change is a superb opportunity to reinvent new uses and allowing zero-waste meal deliveries is precisely a very promising symbol of ‘Tech for Good’.”

This isn’t the duo’s first collaboration together. barePack has worked with Deliveroo before in Singapore and these projects are a sign of the delivery platform’s commitment to conduct an experiment with reusable containers for the catering delivered, under the aegis of Barbara Pompili, Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition.

“We are concerned about our impact on the environment, and barePack provides us with a solution to limit the use of disposable packaging. This allows us to offer our burgers for delivery, without denying our environmental ambitions”, added Julia Couture, founder of Burger Theory.

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Lead image courtesy of barePack.


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