Wah Kee Farm 華記農場

Wah Kee Farm raises pure bred British Bath pigs. The farm uses minimal antibiotics (only for babies), Traditional Chinese medicine when they are sick, no hormones and gives them space to roam on the farm- they are never caged. The farm mixes its own feed for the pigs without any chemicals or toxic ingredients. They only slaughter a limited amount of animals a day. Consumers can find their meat online at The Grocer and Homegrown Foods. Contact them directly for wholesale requirements.

華記農場養飼純種英國Bath豬,使用最少分量的抗生素(只使用於幼豬)、不使用激素,並使用傳統中藥治病,為牠提供足夠的空間活動,更不使用籠養飼。所用的飼料不含化學物質或有毒物質,每天只屠宰限定的數量。可於The Grocer和Homegrown Foods找到其産品。


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