Mineralysis Food Allergy Testing

Mineralysis Food Allergy Testing
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Mineralysis Food Allergy Testing

Mineralysis have been providing service to the general public, health professions, hotels, clinics and hospitals since 1998 via its highly accurate and reliable hair, urine and blood test for screening of food allergy, heavy metal poisoning, mineral imbalance, drug abuse. We also provide genetic DNA test to check the personalised nutritional requirement, fitness status, sport type and injury risk.

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Hong Kong
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The nutritionist from this clinic provides very good following up services, they answered me many questions about my diet.
Lamy | February 4, 2018
This Centre offers able to test for comprehensive food items at reasonable cost, the nutritionist-Raymond Chung also provide very useful tips on my health.
Shu Ling | March 3, 2017
I had a food allergy test performed at Mineralysis, they are able to screen out what foods that will trigger my skin problems, my skin condition was much improved after removing those problematic food items for just few weeks. Interestingly, if i resumed eating those problematic foods, my skin turns bad again, so i think their test is very accurate and helpful.
Henry Ho | February 27, 2017

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