Sesame Kitchen by Chef Shima Shimizu

Raw vegan chef offering various services such as group classes, catering and private coaching. Her Foodcraft website also features an online shop for raw/vegan specialty ingredients and an array of her handmade raw vegan and gluten free prepared snacks.

由未熟純素主廚提供的各種服務,包括小組烹飪班、到會服務和私人指導班。其網上商店Foodcraft出售未熟 / 純素特色食材如堅果、種子、superfood粉劑和各種烹飪工具,如陶製平底鑊和日本製刀,亦有出售自家製經發酵的味噌醬,並有多種口味。

Flat A, 21 Floor, Yiuga Factory Building, 62 Victoria Road
+852 6771 3343