Green Queen Joins Forces With #Togetherband Campaign On UN SDG Dinner Series To Raise Awareness For #GlobalGoals

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We are thrilled to share that British sustainable luxury brand Bottletop’s #Togetherband initiative will be joining forces with Green Queen’s United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Dinner Series to support and promote global action for a better world and help make progress on the Global Goals.

This partnership will see #Togetherband help spread awareness about Goal #12 – Responsible Production & Consumption – at our upcoming Vol. 5 UN SDG #PlantBased Dinner at Canto-French Bistro Roots Eatery. At the event, co-founder of Bottletop Oliver Wayman will introduce guests to the campaign, and gift them a #Togetherband pack, which includes a sustainably-made upcycled friendship bracelet for themselves, and one to pass on to a friend.

#Togetherband was started by UK-based luxury sustainable fashion brand Bottletop with the goal to unite the global community to work together and achieve all of the 17 United Nations SDGs. Founded in 2002, Bottletop uses textile offcuts from luxury brands to upcycle and create fashion accessories such as handbags and totes.

Under their #Togetherband campaign, each friendship bracelet pack corresponds to one of the UN global goals, and is made using upcycled materials: ocean plastic from Costa Rica and decommissioned illegal firearms from El Salvador. All the profits from sales of the friendship bracelets go towards the foundation initiatives, which offer training programs to support communities in different areas of the world. 

In each pack, there are 2 bracelets so that the goal can be shared with another person. The overall goal is to raise more awareness and build a 1 billion people strong community to build a better future for all. The initiative has been supported by a coterie of high-profile figures, including Asia’s very own superstar Michelle Yeoh, who has acted in global blockbusters like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Crazy Rich Asians and is now a global Ambassador for #TogetherBand.

With our aligned mission to raise the profile of the SDGs and inspire community action, Bottletop #Togetherband will be collaborating with Green Queen for our upcoming Vol. 5 dinner at Roots Eatery, which will highlight Global Goal #12: Responsible Production & Consumption with a talk by Asia NGO Redress’s Executive Director Anneleise Smillie.

At the core of our SDG dinner series is to bring together the community for an engaging plant-based dining experience that highlights one of the 17 goals and to instigate action for a better world.

Over the past sold-out dinners that we’ve hosted, meaningful conversations have been sparked over spreads of delicious vegan food, which is not only symbolic of the way individual actions like cutting down on meat and dairy can springboard further changes, but also how together we can encourage collaborative actions for global good. 

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This very community spirit is why Bottletop and Green Queen are joining forces: the mission is to shine a much-needed spotlight on the Global Goals and come together to build a better planet.

Speaking to Green Queen about our overarching mission, co-founder of Bottletop Oliver Wayman said: “We met with the undersecretary of the UN in 2015 and realised that the SDG’s were being adopted by governments and corporates but there was a clear lack of public engagement around them. This campaign exists primarily to bridge that gap.”

Urgent action towards the Goals is needed, making this collaborative campaign even more important, as in Asia we are in fact regressing on SDG progress, including on many environmental targets and at our current trajectory we are not going to meet any of the 17 goals by 2030.  

In the midst of our climate crisis, making progress in environmental targets that aim to lessen our footprint is paramount. In addition to ensuring responsible production and consumption, other targets include protecting biodiversity, wildlife conservation and switching to renewables. “I am a big believer in clean energy and the immediate impact that can have when people switch to clean energy rather than fossil fuels. The technology is already there, it just needs to be adopted en masse,” Wayman told Green Queen.

Beyond our partnership, Bottletop is aiming to create a positive impact and shed light on sustainable production in Hong Kong with the launch of their first store in the city at K11 Musea. The entire shop has fittingly been constructed with recycled acrylics and repurposed everyday materials in order to showcase their upcycled collection of bags and other accessories – including their #Togetherbands.

A portion of profits from sales go towards supporting community initiatives, which contributes to the global goals more generally. For instance, as part of their women’s empowerment campaign, Bottletop have helped trained and employed artisans to create upcycled luxury accessories in Brazil, Nepal and London. 

Green Queen’s Vol. 5 UN SDG #PlantBased Dinner, Roots Eatery, 7 Sun Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong. Tuesday 12th November, 2 Seatings: 6.00pm / 8.15pm. Limited seats available. RSVP Here.

Bottletop Concept Store: Shop 131A, 1/F K11 Musea, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.

Lead image courtesy of Bottletop.


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