5 Reasons We’re Crushing On LUSH’s First Naked Shop In Asia

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Hong Kong has just welcomed Asia’s very first Naked LUSH store. Located in the heart of Causeway Bay, the new packaging-free shop offers beauty lovers LUSH’s iconic range from shampoo bars to bath bombs as well as new naked additions, all with zero packaging. With the majority of beauty and cosmetic products on the mainstream market still excessively packaged and plastic-clad, the new packaging-free concept is a revolutionary one. Naturally, Green Queen had to take a look as soon as the doors opened – and it didn’t disappoint. Below, 5 reasons why we’re crushing hard on NAKED Lush.

1. Packaging-Free: Every Single Product Is Naked, Plus New Skincare Products Launched

New Exclusive Naked Skin & Body Care Products (Source: Green Queen)

Over the years, LUSH have created quite a popular following. Some are devout LUSH bath bomb users, others are obsessed with their shower jellies. While these longstanding products have always traditionally been minimally packaged, now, they come completely packaging-free. From the fizzy Intergalactic Bath Bomb to their beloved range of shampoo bars, you can pick up their bestselling beauty and skincare essentials without leaving behind a trail of waste. To bring something new to the table, the new LUSH Naked shop will also be fighting Hong Kong’s plastic waste and packaging obsession with a new exclusive naked skincare range. These include the Dove Orchid Facial Soap, a bar cleanser dubbed Mermaids on Bare Skin and five facial oil moisturisers. 

2. Carbon Positive: Cork Pots That Create Net Positive Impact Are Now Available in Asia

Carbon Positive Cork Pots (Source: Green Queen)

Yes, those very cork pots that made headlines this summer! Earlier this year, LUSH launched their carbon positive packaging, which means it actually leaves an environmental benefit by removing additional greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. While these cork pots are shipped from Portugal by sailboats to the United Kingdom, they do have to travel via commercial cargo ships to Hong Kong. But rest assured, we asked LUSH to clarify: because the cork used in these containers come from regeneratively grown trees, they still create a positive net footprint on the planet. 

3. Digital Labels: Scan Products & Check Details Via Lush Labs App

Source: Lush Hong Kong

Since the shop is of label-free, if you want more info or a peak at the product details, you can do so via the Lush Labs phone app, available in English, Chinese and Japanese. Simply scan the product directly through the Lush Lens feature, and the full ingredient lists and “how to use” instructions will show up! This is a serious step up – all those little bits of labelling do add up and contribute to our mounting landfill and ocean plastic pollution crisis.

4. Education Push: In-Store Events & Recycling Programme To Fight Hong Kong’s Waste Problem

Naked Facial Cleanser Roll (Source: Green Queen)

If we are to tackle Hong Kong’s domestic waste issue, we have to address the lack of education surrounding recycling and plastic usage. LUSH is doing their bit at their new Naked shop, where they have launched a plastic container recycling program where customers will receive a Facial Cleanser Roll upon bringing back 5 LUSH pots or bottles (previously, customers would receive a potted face mask).

To make sure that their recycling line is completely clean, the company has partnered up with HK Recycles to collect old containers and redistribute to neighbouring plants so they can become new recycled items.

The store will also host environmental talks and showcase educational information about Hong Kong’s waste problem alongside other local NGOs and green activists. 

5. Cruelty-Free & Super Vegan-Friendly Too!

LUSH Vegan-Friendly Shampoo Bars (Source: Green Queen)

While LUSH have always operated with a strict policy against animal testing- they only source ingredients from companies that do not commission tests on animals – their ingredient list sometimes includes honey (from bees) and lanolin (from sheep).

The company is working to reformulate more products to be vegan-friendly, cutting out eggs from all items and actively sourcing more plant-based ingredients. They have recently upgraded their shampoo bars, which now contain aquafaba (chickpea water) instead of eggs.

Address: LUSH Naked Shop, Shop Q, Hong Kong Mansion, 2-10 Great George Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Open daily: 10.00AM – 10.00PM.

All images courtesy of Green Queen, unless otherwise credited.


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