How This Startup Changed The Conversation About FemCare & Periods In Asia

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Founded in 2015 by Olivia Cotes-James, LUÜNA Naturals was born out of the founder’s frustration at the lack of non-toxic menstrual products on the Asian market. Based out of Hong Kong and Shanghai, the startup has differentiated itself not only as a femcare brand that not only offers 100% toxin-free, organic and natural cotton sanitary products and a sustainable reusable menstrual cup, but also by its branding ethos, which is bulwarked by a woman-first mission to highlight issues surrounding female health and wellness in Asia. Responding to the consumer demand for brands that offer real voices, action and a social impact to address injustices, LUÜNA Naturals hopes to embody the femcare industry of the future.

We profiled LUUNA NATURALS about how it used clever, unique marketing campaigns to kickstart a conversation that should have been had decades ago – here are our five highlights.

1. Shifting attitudes from the inside with A BETTER PERIOD

LUÜNA Naturals has launched a global initiative called A BETTER PERIOD, which seeks to unite corporates, schools and universities in its mission to shift attitudes and discussions about menstrual health by providing its products and workshops. With a goal of having 250 venues providing safe, toxin-free and organic period care by the end of this year, the startup is bringing different organisations together to de-stigmatise menstruation in all areas of life, whether it be the workplace or in education. The latest company to partner with A BETTER PERIOD initiative is global law firm Eversheds Sutherland. 

2. Giving women safe period care access through corporate dispensers 

Having launched its dispenser system across Hong Kong and mainland China with large corporate partners such as HSBC, LUÜNA Naturals is making its sustainable and healthy feminine care more accessible to women in these cities. With almost 75% of all adult women experiencing public leaking, dispensers offering safe menstrual care is vital to help normalise the place of menstruation in everyday life and the “inconveniences” that the majority of women face. This is particularly important in Asia, where 90% of women currently use non-biodegradable synthetic feminine care products that not only wreak havoc on our health and wellbeing, but contribute a significant amount of landfill waste.

3. Making a socio-economic impact with Free Periods

Every purchase from LUÜNA Naturals goes towards campaigns and initiatives that help equip vulnerable communities with access to healthy period products and taboo-free information and education. While every period cup sold will see another one donated to communities in need, 100 pads will be donated to healthcare workers and low-income families for every HK$250 (US$32.3) spent on the brand’s other sanitary products. LUÜNA also supports a number of partnered charities, including Hong Kong charity Free Periods, which helps low-income women access free sustainable menstrual products, Bethune House, a refuge for women migrant workers in distress seeking justice, and ImpactHK, a charity supporting the homeless and the most vulnerable people in Hong Kong. Since the height of the pandemic in March, LUÜNA has also donated 35,000 planet-friendly pads to those affected by the coronavirus.  

4. Showcasing truth-speaking ambassadors via GIRLTALK

To help drive the conversation about periods in Asia, LUÜNA has teamed up with high-profile ambassadors from a wide range of industries, from global firms to social media influencers and community leaders to talk publicly about the issue. One of the key ways the startup has spotlighted menstrual and feminine care in an open, transparent and healthy way is through their GIRLTALK series, which sees Asia-based creatives come together to discuss traditionally taboo topics. 

5. Driving awareness with educational campaigns like The Vagina Dialogues

Finally, despite coronavirus disrupting our everyday lives, LUÜNA is committed to continue to raise awareness about gynaecological health and wellbeing in Asia. The brand has recently taken its community events online, including The Vagina Dialogues. “It’s intended to create a resource for people who are struggling with issues or confused about this part of our lives – which so many are!” shared founder Cotes-James with Green Queen. As Asia’s first virtual festival dedicated to providing education about women’s empowerment, gynaecological health and wellness, the event will see talks and discussions involving expert speakers, brands and activists hosted during this month of August. 

All images courtesy of LUÜNA Naturals. 


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