Monopoly: New Go Green Edition Made From Recycled Materials Nudges Players To Invest In Renewables & Make Sustainable Choices

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Monopoly, the world famous property dealing board game, has unveiled a new version of its game called the Monopoly: Go Green Edition to promote sustainability among its players by introducing concepts such as renewables and capitalizing on them to build a green world.

Created by artist, writer and feminist Lizzie Magie, at the crux of the Monopoly board game lies greed as the gameplay encourages players to buy up as many spaces on the board, make a fortune along the way, and basically lead all your family and friends to bankruptcy.

The board game was initially conceived during the U.S. Great Depression by Charles Darrow in order to teach the 99% about economic inequality, but along the way, whilst becoming a family and friends lazy weekend phenomenon, it lost its true message.

Hasbro, the U.S.-based toy company that owns the now 110 year-old game, recently unveiled its new Monopoly: Go Green Edition that takes a detour from its usual path of corporate greed and pushes players to think less about themselves and more about the structural issues across the world.

This edition sees players buying, selling, and trading green properties, making sustainable choices, collecting and increasing rent to build wooden greenhouses, thus investing in renewables like solar-powered fields and wind farms, with other features include opting for bike paths and ditching railroads.

Source: Monopoly

Apart from the gameplay, even the physical design including the packaging, game board, money, cards, and trays are all created from 100% recycled paper. The game tokens are created using a plant-based plastic developed from sugarcane, whereas the dice and the houses are made from responsibly sourced wood that is FSC certified.

Elsewhere, another board game called LOOP: Life Of Ordinary People created by Cyril Lee, founder of Hong Kong-based research and design studio Blackbody Lab, has an educational gameplay that is inspired by one of the U.N. Global Goals SDG 12 ‘Sustainable Consumption’ and aims to draw attention to people’s unsustainable consumption behaviours and its impact on the environment.

You can buy the Monopoly: Go Green Edition at any of these stores here.

Lead image courtesy of Monopoly.


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