Puma Launches Sportswear Collection Made From Recovered Ocean Plastic Waste

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German multinational sportswear brand Puma has created a new collection of footwear and clothing made using recycled plastic. In collaboration with First Mile, a United Kingdom-based company supporting low-income communities around the world, Puma used more than 190,000 recovered plastic bottles to make yarns to produce the products. 

Puma has revealed a new sustainable collection made from recycled plastics in partnership with British waste management and recycling company First Mile, whose portion of profits go to charities supporting a number of low-income communities in Haiti, Honduras and Taiwan. 

Around 190,000 bottles, equivalent to 40 tonnes of plastic waste, were recovered from landfills and oceans to make yarns for the collection. The collection as a whole – including shoes, tees, shorts, pants and jacket – will be made from around 83-100% of the sustainable yarn. The collection will be available for purchase across Puma stores and selected retailers, as well as online though Puma’s website. 

Source: First Mile

“Plastic pollution is one of the most pressing environmental problems the world faces today. That is why we are very excited to join First Mile and be a part of the solution while supporting low-income communities and transparency in supply chains,” said Adam Petrick, the global brand and marketing director at Puma. 

The latest initiative is a part of Puma’s wider sustainability plan to address environmental and social issues in its supply chain. Some of its other pledges include using sustainably-produced cotton, eliminating hazardous discharge in its manufacturing sites, decreasing water wastage and reducing carbon emissions. 

Effort from companies to green their operations comes amid increasing scrutiny over the footprint of fashion. Shoppers have begun shifting towards more eco-friendly fashion choices due to shocking figures about the industry, which is responsible for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions and a truckload of textile waste being landfilled every single second.

Source: First Mile

A number of Puma’s rivals have also been launching similar campaigns to fuel the huge explosion in sustainable fashion innovation. Most recently, Nike unveiled its new “Space Hippie” collection featuring a range of vegan-friendly sneakers made using recycled textiles, yarn scraps and plastic bottles. It followed Adidas’ pledge to use recycled polyester and plastic waste in over 50% of its products in 2020

Adidas’ subsidiary brand, Reebok, also announced their green initiative plans earlier this year, which include making a new petroleum-free, vegan and plant-based sneaker dubbed the Forever Floatride GROW.  

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Lead image courtesy of PUMA.


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