REN Clean Skincare Debuts Zero-Waste Aluminum Tube

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In keeping with its Zero Waste pledge, beauty brand REN Clean Skincare launched a sample tube made from 100% recycled aluminum, a first-of-its-kind sample that aims to prevent nonrecyclable or difficult-to-recycle mixed-material sachets from entering into landfills, where they unnecessarily keep lying there for years releasing toxic gases into the air.

REN collaborated with Tubex, a metal company, to make the recycled aluminum sample tube. It features an aluminum re-closable break-off nozzle without the need for tamper seals or mini plastic caps. This further helps limit the use of plastic, allowing the tubes to be easily recycled.

Aluminum As A Sustainable Alternative

With over 122 billion sample sachets produced each year by the beauty and personal care industry, aluminum acts as a good sustainable alternative. It is widely recycled with an average recycling rate of 69%. At least 75% of the aluminum that has been produced to date is still being used. The metal can be melted and reformed time and again, without its quality being compromised.

In addition, if one uses recycled aluminum, this will further save 95% of the energy which is generated during the production of virgin aluminum.

The reason why REN chose this metal is because it is quite beneficial in protecting the liquid in the pack from light degradation or any other possible oxidation. Given that it is malleable, consumers will be able to squeeze everything out of the pack, leaving no room for wastage.

REN’s Zero Waste Pledge

REN’s new sample sachets are in line with its Zero Waste pledge and is developed using 95% PCR and 5% PIR recycled aluminium. Through the pledge, the company aims to design all its packaging to be recyclable. Apart from this, it aims to use recycled materials in its packaging or make them reusable by the end of this year.

For instance, the brand halted the production of its sample sachets in 2018 in an effort to look into other innovative solutions, thus saving four and a half million sample sachets due to this decision.

Furthermore, through its Infinity Recycling Technology it hopes to take nonrecyclable mixed plastic waste and make them circular. This will give rise to infinite plastic recycling loops and compared to other recycled materials, this recycling process would keep the quality of the material intact.

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In a statement, chief executive officer of REN Clean Skincare, Arnaud Meysselle said: “REN Clean Skincare is the first beauty brand to have developed, in collaboration with Tubex, a unique re-closable and recyclable sample size tube made using 100% recycled aluminium. While more costly, we are committed to using these new tubes to reduce plastic waste and hope to encourage other beauty brands to rethink their sample packaging with the planet in mind.”

Source: REN Clean Skincare

While more costly, we are committed to using these new tubes to reduce plastic waste and hope to encourage other beauty brands to rethink their sample packaging with the planet in mind

Arnaud Meysselle, chief executive officer, REN Clean Skincare

#WeAreAllies Initiative

In April this year, REN formed an alliance with four of its competitors: Biossance,  Caudalie, Herbivore, and YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE in order to drive the importance of sustainable packaging across the beauty industry. This #WeAreAllies initiative witnessed the participants commit to developing environmentally-friendly packaging by the end of 2025.

Meysselle added at the time of the news that they were inspired to meet likeminded people who share the same enthusiasm for a common sustainability purpose. “Taking action to reduce waste in the beauty industry is a challenge; together we can share ideas and pioneer new solutions to reduce packaging waste while raising awareness and inspiring other brands to join us with their sustainability efforts. It is the sharing of the knowledge of the collective that has the power to make a real, meaningful and scalable difference.”

To reduce their packaging waste, beauty retail giant Ulta Beauty partnered with circular packaging company Loop. As part of this, the U.S.- based company is offering consumers 30 products in eco-packaging like glass jars, aluminium bottles and others that help reduce wastage of the product as well.

Lead image courtesy of Unilever.


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