Coolhaus Ice Cream Moves To Animal-Free Methodology Following Acquisition By The Urgent Company

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Trendy ice cream brand Coolhaus has been bought by Perfect Day subsidiary The Urgent Company. The brand will now move to remove all animal products from its range. Coolhaus CEO Natasha Case will take a new role as president of brand experience for The Urgent Company. The acquisition value has not been released.

Coolhaus is a women and LGBTQIA+ founded company. It answered the lack of representation felt by its founders. Initially launched from an ice cream truck, the brand is now distributed through 6,000 outlets. Ranging from Whole Foods stores to ice cream trucks and a flagship shop, its presence has grown significantly. As part of Urgent’s portfolio, brand awareness will develop further.

Image courtesy of Coolhaus.

Moving with the times and staying true to origins

As a brand founded on a vision of authentic representation, the Coolhaus acquisition is based on mutual trust. For Case, the chance to spread the message of inclusivity to a wider audience is a driving force. “We’ve always been committed to using ice cream as the ultimate food canvas for cultural expression and limitless horizons, and a deeper focus on sustainability is the next important step in that journey,” she told Forbes. “We’ve built an incredible product with a great story and loyal following, and what’s to come is even more exciting for our future and our shared planet.”

To align with Urgent’s animal-free ethos, Coolhaus dairy options will be reformulated. Perfect Day’s alternative whey will be used to make the switch seamless. All non-dairy ranges made from plants will retain their existing recipes. 

Speaking about the transition, Paul Kollesoff, manager and co-founder of Urgent told Forbes: “After the transition to animal-free dairy is complete, the only change Coolhaus fans can expect is reduction in the environmental impact from the products they already know and love. We came together out of a shared passion for more sustainable, equitable food for future generations and are committed to using this acquisition as an opportunity to amplify missions in this exciting next chapter for both companies.”

A co-branded Coolhaus and Brave Robot novelty launch has been floated for 2022. Meanwhile, Urgent is expected to continue acquiring similarly aligned CPG brands in the next 12 months.

Image courtesy of Brave Robot.

A changing dairy landscape

While plant-based milk and cheeses occupy a number of alternative dairy manufacturers, the ice cream and gelato sector is witnessing new developments as well.

Fellow Urgent brand Brave Robot highlighted the growth in the alt dairy sector earlier this year. The LA-based company revealed that it has sold more than one million pints of ice cream in the 12 months post-launch. The announcement comes after it was decided that packaging will now show the carbon footprint of individual products.

Texas-based NadaMoo! just revealed that it has successfully closed a $10 million Series B funding round. Already a popular brand, the new investment will help with expansion rollout and brand awareness activities. The company aims to set itself apart in an increasingly competitive field by being a healthier option than most vegan ice creams.

Cleveland’s Wonderlab is flying the flag for vegan gelato with its Doozy Pots. The family brand is now stocked in 400 stores across the U.S. It uses hemp and oats to create a not-too-sweet iced dessert that feels like old-school gelato, just without any of the saturated fat from conventional dairy or coconut milk.

Lead Image courtesy of Go Dairy Free.

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