Biorna Quantics: Not Your Average Meal Delivery Company

Organic produce, vegan protein developed in-house & responsible waste and packaging management

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April 2019 Update: Biorna Quantics has closed down operations. 

When it comes to anyone looking to transform their lives by getting stronger and leaner, Biorna Quantics is at the forefront of a quantified approach to health in Hong Kong. Their customized DNA & health marker testing services along with their bespoke meal plans are popular with professional athletes and amateur fitness fiends alike. Continuously evolving and growing, the wellness start-up has revamped their food services in honour of their third anniversary. In addition to new vegan meal options, Biorna Quantics have teamed up with a local businesses to enhance sustainability efforts. Below, we highlight all the company’s new good-for-earth and good-for-you measures. #Progress

Plant Based Commitment: High Protein Vegan Menus

Bringing a progressive new wave of quantitative wellness and performance tools to optimize your best self, Quantics Kitchen, the company’s bespoke meal delivery service has launched a line of 100% vegan menus as part of their meal subscription service. The menus took a while to develop because of Biorna’s focus on macro nutrients: “it’s challenging to create a vegan meal with a 50% protein macro split,” explain Ariel Conant, head of Marketing for the company. There are currently 8 meatless meal options, all brimming with bright flavors and filling plant proteins, which they ended up creating themselves, designed by an expert team drawing from science, nutrition, and fitness. Their house made proteins include the hemp based Bactrian and the pea protein isolate based Gaea, Surya and Midas.

The proteins are then cooked up with a variety of tastes, spices and seasonings. The menus hail from a range of culinary tradtions included the Indonesian-inspired Midas Rendang to the Italian-y Bactrian Zoodles with Mint Pesto to the Surya Rillets with Mexican Beans, all packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients for you to eat sensibly, in order to feel great.

Better Sourcing: Partnership with Magic Seasons Organic Farm

Recipes down pat, Biorna Quantics felt it was important to source local produce that aligned with its eco-friendly, sustainability-first values. They chose to partner with Magic Season Organics, a family-run certified organic farm from the New Territories (with farmland in Qingyuan, China too) that grows fresh fruits and veggies without synthetic fertilisers, chemical pesticides or preservatives – all delivered without single-use plastics, to boot. Produce from the mountainous farmland will be used in all Quantics Kitchen Macro-Precision meals.

The family run farm seemed a natural synergy: “We’re excited to be bringing Magic Season Organics into the Quantics Kitchen,” Dr. Justin Gregory, Biorna Quantics founder and CEO enthused. “It’s always been important to us to have the best produce and maintain our commitment to sustainability. Finding a trusted organic farm and being able to source our ingredients locally is a great step forward.”

Zero Waste Meal Delivery? It’s Possible

Rethinking their waste management was the next step in cementing its sustainability qualifications. The company’s production kitchen is already operating at almost zero waste waste thanks to their precise and detailed production and the service is already using 100% biodegradable bamboo containers for their subscription service, but given the state of composting and recycling in Hong Kong, Biorna wanted to go the extra mile. Their new joint venture with Blend & Grind, makes the Mid-Levels situated smoothie & coffee shop Biorna’s official drop off point for customers to return bags, glass jars and containers for reuse. Blend & Grind founder Johnny Rees, who is aiming to be a plastic-free coffee shop by the end of this month, is fully onboard: “Hong Kong’s awareness of environmentalism and sustainability is growing,” said Rees. “Being a return point for the reusable containers from Biorna Quantics is another step in the right direction to encourage Hong Kong towards a more sustainable lifestyle.”

A New Kind Of Meal Delivery

Biorna is committed to changing Hong Kong’s future for the better. Their new eco partnerships and commitment to plant-based menus showcase the solidarity that exists between local small businesses who band together towards a bigger, higher purpose. Hong Kongers are experiencing a fundamental mindset shift in how we create, consume and dispose. Reinventing the wheel, if you will. We’re jumping on board, Biorna Quantics!

Click here to start a subscription service or order single meals. 

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Images courtesy of Biorna Quantics (lead), Blend & Grind, and Pexels.


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