15 Genius Eco & Upcycled Christmas Decoration Ideas To Put Up This Year

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Every Christmas, we generate huge amounts of water, greenhouse cases and paper waste. If we all try to reduce our eco-footprint a little bit, it could go a long way! Before you buy any mixed material tinsel, new ornaments and battery lights, here are some ideas to spice up your home this festive season with D-I-Y eco-friendly Christmas decorations! 

Scrap Ribbon Tree Ornament 

Source: Fireflies and Mudpies

If every family reused 2 feet of ribbon, we’d save 28,000 miles of ribbon (enough to tie a bow around the entire planet)! So get creative with your ribbons. 

Recycled Paper Baubles

Source: Etsy / Bookity

These hanging baubles are so easy to make, all you have to do is gather the scraps that are in your home!

Lighting Can Hangings

Source: Kiflie Slevendula / Blogspot SG

Cans hung up on the wall with a candle in the centre make for some serious Christmas mood lighting. 

Recycled Bottle Mini Christmas Trees

Source: Sining Factory

Cut up your non-recyclable single-use plastic bottles, and cut them up to make a beautiful clear mini tree to hang up!

Empty Wine Bottle Candle Holders

Source: Good House Keeping

Don’t toss your wine bottles, they make for beautiful candle holders to light up your festive dinner. 

Toilet Cardboard Roll Snowflakes

Source: Pinterest

Yes, the cardboard from your used toilet rolls can be upcycled into beautiful Christmas designs. 


Source: Pinterest

This isn’t so much of a “creative” D-I-Y, but they’re certainly eco-friendly! Do you or your friends have any of these fallen pinecones lying around, perhaps collected from previous holidays abroad?

Gingerbread Bunting 

Source: Treasure Hunter UK

Why not make your own edible decorations? Spiced gingerbread men can be strung up as bunting. Just replace conventional recipes with vegan baking alternatives

Cookie Namecards 

Source: Pinterest

While we’re on the food train, even the name cards on your dinner table setting can be zero-waste: just bake some cookies and write names down with icing!

Soda Can Baubles

Source: Pinterest

These are seriously retro and stylish, and made from those ring pulls from used soft drink cans! 

Mason Jar Lid Ornaments 

Source: Clean and Scentsible

Use your jars caps and lids at home to paint, decorate and hang up!

Edible Herb Wreath

Source: Viva Terra

Another zero-waste edible decoration! Make a fragrant wreath with fresh herbs like rosemary and thyme. Why not throw garlic in there too?

Gingerbread Terraniums 

Source: Molly Yeh

Fill up a big jar or glass container with shaved coconut flakes (“snow”), marzipan mini trees, candy canes and gingerbread. Looks great in any kitchen and will definitely be nibbled away! 

Dried Citrus Wheels

Source: Christmas

Just slice oranges, let them dry naturally, put them in an air fryer or bake them to crisp perfection, and string them together! That’s it!

Cinnamon Stars

Source: Pinterest

Cinnamon sticks can be stuck or bound together into cute little stars to decorate your tree.

Lead image courtesy of Molly Yeh.


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