4 New Food Techs Developing Sustainable & Healthy Food Solutions

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Hong Kong-based food Brinc just announced their newest batch of food technology accelerator startups joining its Spring 2020 cohort and there are some serious innovators to showcase. All of them are developing solutions to meet some of the world’s most pressing food concerns, from the rise of diabetes to sustainable proteins that will disrupt the broken meat supply chain. Below, meet the (new) talent!

1. Shandi Global (Singapore)

Source: Shandi Global

Founded: 2018

Founders: Reena Sharma & Aditya Sharma

Food Technology: Plant-Based

Headquarters: Singapore

Mission: Shandi Global is a plant-based functional ingredients innovation and manufacturing startup creating plant-based meat analogues using “high performance chromatography” technology to naturally modify plants at the molecular level. The result? Cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and sustainable meat that boasts a similar nutritional profile in terms of protein and amino acids compared to real animal meat. 

2. Aurora Food (Singapore)

Source: Aurora Food

Founded: 2019

Founders: Jing Gao & Xiaoxuan Jin

Food Technology: Functional Food Tech

Headquarters: Singapore

Mission: Created by scientists at the National University of Singapore (NUS), Aurora Food is a patent-pending food tech platform offering a glycemic index (GI) lowering technology that enables the production of baked goods and desserts with a slow sugar release without the use of any sugar alternatives. The company hopes to make sweet indulgences healthier and more diabetic-friendly via a B2B model with foodservice chains.  

3. Fybraworks Foods (U.S.)

Source: Fybraworks Foods

Founded: 2020 

Founder: Chenfeng Lu

Food Technology: Fermentation

Headquarters: Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.

Mission: Fybraworks Foods is using fermentation technology to create recombinant animal-free muscle proteins and next-gen protein ingredients that help alternative meats mimic the taste, texture and structure of real meat, but without the need for animals and the associated environmental footprint of livestock production. 

4. Orbillion Bio (U.S.)

Source: Orbillion Bio

Founded: 2019

Founder: Patricia Bubner

Food Technology: Cell-Based

Headquarters: Berkeley, California, U.S. 

Mission: Orbillion Bio is a startup looking to develop premium cell-based meat products from heritage cell lines that are directly sourced from farmers. On a mission to accelerate the broad availability of a variety of nutritious cultivated meat products, the startup’s first product will be bison jerky that is low-fat, low-cholesterol and high-protein. 

Lead image courtesy of Unsplash.


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