Michelin-Starred Chef Alain Ducasse Opens New ‘95% Plant-Based’ Restaurant

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Chef Alain Ducasse, the famous Monégasque chef behind the three-Michelin-starred restaurant The Dorchester, has just opened a brand new restaurant in Paris. This time, the renowned chef is doing something different. Unlike his previous meat, seafood and dairy-heavy menus, Sapid restaurant in Paris is going to serve up 95% plants. 

Plant-based is yet again taking over the restaurant scene, this time with Chef Alain Ducasse of The Dorchester fame opening a brand new establishment in Paris that will be mostly vegan. Situated in the eastern part of the French capital, the menu at Sapid features 95% plant-based dishes, with the remainder still featuring eggs, cheese and fish. 

Sustainability as his inspiration

Source: Sapid

According to Ducasse, the move to launch a vegetable-led restaurant comes as sustainability becomes an increasingly important topic in the food industry. Prompted by changing consumer preferences for healthier, planet-friendly vegan food, more restaurants are now incorporating plant-forward dishes into their menus. 

“What has changed is the attention paid to how we eat better. Both men and women are careful about their health,” said the chef, in an interview with France Info. Ducasse, who operates 30 restaurants globally and boasts 21 Michelin stars in total, also said that more people are becoming aware of the environmental footprint of foods, especially meat. 

Chef Alain Ducasse. (Image: École Ducasse)

That’s why diners at Sapid will be treated to mostly plant-based culinary creations, from lentil bolognese to tomato and watermelon salad. Ducasse says the entire menu will be based on the concept of “naturality”, which he describes as “preparing good food for people’s health and good for the planet.”

Other eco-forward features

Aside from the low-carbon menu that keeps high-emissions foods like meat and dairy to a minimum, Sapid will also boast other eco-friendly features. 

Source: Sapid

In the interview, Ducasse says that all the restaurant’s furnishings will come from secondhand sources, to minimise the need to produce new materials and limit resource consumption. Describing the establishment as a “refectory-restaurant”, the seating will be casual with common tables, where “one can eat for between €20 and €30, drink included.”

“All this to be cautious for consumers’ health and cautious for the planet, cautious for your budget,” the chef added.

Source: Sapid

Plant-based takes over F&B

The move comes shortly after fellow Michelin-starred Chef Daniel Humm of Eleven Madison Park made headlines when he reopened the world-famous New York restaurant with an entirely plant-based menu. EMP, previously known for its meat-centric cuisine, decided to ditch meat, dairy and eggs entirely after it became clear that animal agriculture is “simply not sustainable”. 

As sustainable gastronomy takes hold, the Michelin Guides itself has launched a “Green Star”, a new award to recognise restaurants championing eco-friendly practices. ONA, a restaurant in Ares, France, became the country’s first 100% vegan restaurant to win a Michelin star back in January this year. 

Lead image courtesy of Sapid.


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